Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Workbench: Machines, an Invasion, and a Betrayal

Since we are more or less into our house, I am planning to start focusing on my gaming more.  To that end, I've decided to continue building my forces for Mars Attacks and Terminator Genisys, plus I'm going to start working on modding Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

The Martian Invasion Begins!

So far, I've actually got most of what I want to pick up for this game.  Beyond all the Martians I've picked up, I also grabbed a ruined village set from the War Store.  Between the terrain in the base game and this, I'm thinking I should be able to get pretty decent coverage on at least a 3' x 3' board.  I've also really do think I'll skip using the US troops out of the box and go with my Konflikt troops instead.  I already have a bunch of them, not to mention a couple of Shermans, and I think it would be pretty easy to stat up some of the US heavy infantry as well to give the home front a bit of an edge.  Once I assemble some of the terrain, I'm going to do a solo push around to get my head around the rules and then go from there.  I know that they have a whole campaign in the core rules so I might try that or just throw together some forces just for fun.

Rise of the Machines

A year ago I picked up a couple of Terminator Genisys basic games plus the full rule book.  This gave me a good selection of troops but I do want to expand them some more.  Of course it would probably be good to try pushing this game around too before I get much further but thankfully the Mars Attacks terrain will work perfectly.  Nothing better than being able to find multiple uses for things, especially terrain since its so important for mini games.  Again, I'm thinking a solo push around for this one as well and then I'll look at expanding, though I must admit that I've already had some ideas on that front.  Hunter Killers anyone?

More Betraying on the Hill

Since I can see this game hitting our table more often, I want to do some things to pimp it up a little such as picking up minis for the various haunts you encounter.  I might eventually go as far as even getting some of the item eventually but I figure the critters are a good place to start.  I've actually already ordered some of the figures that I need plus I decided that I want to reskin the "heroes".  The big thematic disconnect for my daughter has always been the bizarre mix of people that are in the house.  Why are the little boy and girl wandering around the haunted house with an old professor and a gypsy?  It just doesn't make that much sense so I picked up a bunch of Heroclix that I'm going to rebase and use.  Now I'm not talking about having Spider Man and Iron Man wandering around the house; there are a good number of generic people in the Heroclix range now that I was able to pick up six new "adventurers" to explore the house that might make a little more sense than the original, not to mention be a little less creepy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Betrayal at the House on the Hill: More Proof That Cats Are Evil

After emptying out our storage unit and beginning the unpacking process, we took a break and dusted off Betrayal at the House on the Hill.  We've only played this one a few times so I had to skim the rules as we played as a refresher but for the most part it went pretty smoothly... at least until the traitor was revealed!

Mechanically it went fine but holy crap it was close! Having been shrunk down to miniature versions of ourselves, it took us twice as long to move around the house trying to escape... and then there were cats.  Evil, evil cats.  Of course I'm biased, especially since I was one of the two players that was eaten by those vile felines.  I don't want to spoil too many details as the surprise is a big part of the fun with Betrayal but I can say it was a real nail biter with the last two survivors just barely managing to escape.

Of course playing the game also made me want to get minis for all the various critters and companions that you might run into along the way.  Once we are settled in I might start working on that as I'm thinking that this game in particular might be hitting the table more often now.  This would also give me some more figures to use with Fear and Faith which would be fun as its been years since I got that one to the table.  So many plans...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ack Ack!!! Buying Into Yet Another Game

Apparently I'm still stuck in the past as I've decided to start collecting another Kickstarter game that I missed out on.  Let the invasion begin!!!

I'd seen the Mars Attacks KS by Mantic Games and was really tempted. It looked like it would be a lot of fun but I didn't know who I could possibly play against so I passed on it... until now.  I recently picked up the basic game and I've been started growing my armies slightly faster than I'd intended as the rules just look like they will be fun to play.  It is definitely a light miniatures game and that works for me.

When I bought the game, I had planned concentrating on the Martians and then expanding into the Earth forces but after looking at my mini collection I've changed my mind.  I have the heroes from the basic game plus I can field a ton of troops from my US K47 army so I don't really see the point in shelling out more cash for troops I already have.

Hopefully I can get this one to the table soon to push it around.  The mechanics are very simple but it does seem like there is enough there to make it interesting.  It might even be one of the first games played in our new house as we are finally moving!!!  Huzzah!!!  This is something that has been in the works for years but finally things have fallen into place.  On top of that we have a very large room that will serve as our game room/dojo so we are all really excited at what the future holds for us.  Heck, I might even start blogging more than once a month!  Crazy, right?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ghost Archipelago: First Impressions

Earlier this month I played in a Ghost Archipelago game at my LGS.  We had previously run a Frostgrave campaign there so we were all interested to see how the new game played.  Mechanically, it is very similar but the strategies seemed to be very different.

The table for our first game of Ghost Archipelago
Our initial Frostgrave games were very lethal due to ranged attacks.  Archers and crossbowmen were the bane of all of the warbands.  After having a few wizards and apprentices turned into pin cushions, we all started keeping our wizards in the back as the grunts pressed forward.  After all, its far easier to replace some random mook rather than scrap the whole warband to a lucky arrow shot.

"Let charge in there and bash some heads!"
Ghost Archipelago does mitigate this some by limiting the number of specialists you can field in your crew so you won't see a full band of archers on the table across from you but even just facing four can be intimidating enough.  To nip the problem in the bud, I chose a Storm Warden and gave her Call Storm which drastically reduces line of sight once it gets into play.  This does hamper my own force as well but honestly I'm okay with that.  Having actually played a game, this does seem like it helps but even the mechanics of the game seem to have been tweaked to encourage players to get in each others faces much more than in Frostgrave.  In fact my Heritor even led one of the charges across the table, joining a combat against one of the other Heritors and then killing the Warden single handedly.

Oh look! There's one of my crew members drowning!  Maybe you should get out of the water?
The table itself is also now a threat as deep water not only slows you down but can kill you as well.  Yay for drowning!  To pass a swimming test, you need to pass a Will check of 5 at the start of the minis turn.  Should be simple, right?  Except this is modified by any armor they are wearing, equipment they are carrying, and if they are carrying a treasure chest.  What seems like a simple check can get very "dicey" (it had to be said).

Overall, I really liked the changes that have come about for Ghost Archipelago and I'm really looking forward to getting in some more games.  We are currently scheduled to play the first Saturday of each month playing the Lost Colossus campaign.  I don't know much about this particular campaign but I'm helping build some of the key pieces of terrain and it has been a blast.  I should have it done within the next week so I'll try to get some pics posted of it before the game.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

From The Workbench... Adventurers and ARVs!

While I haven't been able to make much more headway with my Wrath of Kings minis, I've still managed to squeeze in a little bit of hobby over the past week.  In particular I ordered some minis from Reaper for the family to use in the D&D game we are part of.

Rather than go with the cheaper option of Bones, I decided that I really wanted to paint some metal so I splurged on our actual characters.  So far I've gotten paint onto two of them, the animal companion for my wife's ranger and my bard mini.

They're not quite done as I still need to paint my bard's bow but I'm really liking how they have turned out, especially the mountain lion.  Wasn't sure if I would be able to get the color right but I had some old bubonic brown from GW that really fit the bill.
I've also been toying with adding an ARV to my US force for Konflikt 47 but I've been at a loss for what to use.  While there is the M32 listed in Resurgence (based on the Sherman for those like myself who didn't know), I was looking for something that I could just use as a tractor to fill in some points.  I asked the Konflikt FB group and they had a great suggestion.
Based on an M3 Stuart that I had lying around, I took the towing assembly from a Mater tow truck from Cars and then cobbled together a pintle mounted MMG using the base of the turret assembly.  Since this is just supposed to be a soft skinned tractor I really wanted it to have more of a cobbled together look.  I might try to put someone sitting up on the ring manning the MMG but for now this will work.  Just need to make time to get some paint on it.

Hopefully I will be able to start getting in more hobby soon because we are in the process of buying a house!  Huzzah!!!  While I won't be able to have my own mancave, we will have a game room which in some ways sounds even more awesome.  Having a whole room where we can have friends over to play games?  Heck yeah!  Even better is a space where I can play more games with my family, something that has become a serious challenge over the last year.  Time is always a premium but lack of space has definitely been a factor as well so it will be nice to be able to address at least one of those problems.  Next I just need to make a time machine and I'll be all set.