Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Konflikt 47: Well That Makes Things Easier...

After my last post I decided to do a quick search to see if maybe there already is a campaign system out there for Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 and what do you know?  The folks over at WWPD.net came out with their own version of this the end of last year call the Road To Victory.

This system starts each commander out with a 2nd Lieutenant, two squads worth no more than 110 points each, and two more random units.  The campaign is designed to be played with two players over five or six games with each player receiving two more random reinforcing units after each game.  Overall its not a bad little system and even has substitution rules for switching out your random roll for an inexperienced infantry unit or an armored transport.  There is also an experience system of sorts so which is nice plus in my opinion.

Even so I'm tempted to modify it slightly to use cards instead of tables for the random units.  This way you can tailor it to the units that you actually own plus it would be possible to add in some kind of special events.  Maybe bonus reinforcements of some kind or the troops are spread thin so you have to press on with your current resources.  Good to see that most of the work is done for me already though as its much easier to modify an existing set of rules instead of creating your own from scratch.

Of course I should probably try to get in a game first...  Need to get myself over to the LGS to remedy that soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fresh Troops For The Western Front

The end of last year I was able to get a great deal on some 28mm WWII US infantry (from Dreamforge Games) and a Sherman-T (from Warlord Games) so I could start building a force for Konflikt 47.  I must admit that I've always been interested in trying out WWII minis but dealing with the "rivet counters" is just too annoying.  "You can't actually field that unit because we are playing in the fall of 1944 and the Germans stopped using those in the spring of '43."  Thankfully that's something that just doesn't come into play for Konflikt.  Gotta love alternate history!
Since then I had started assembling a force but I've been stuck trying to figure out the best mix of troops to field.  Yeah, I know.  I'm gripping about rivet counters but being a power gamer... not something I'm proud of but I had inspiration strike and come up with a great solution to my problem.  Why not just make a full platoon according and pull from that?  After all, its easy enough to just break up the by the book full units into smaller units plus it lets me add some kind of story element to the whole thing which my brain likes to latch on to for some reason.  To that end I started work on the second platoon of (insert random company name here...) company, freshly sent to the frontlines on the western front in the spring of 1947 which is when the "official history" in the core rulebook ends.

For my overall force, I'm thinking a squad of veteran troops, two squads of regular troops, and a squad of inexperienced troops.  Some fairly basic unit selections for now but as time goes by I'll gradually expand their numbers.

Ideally I'd love to get in a campaign using this kind of idea; form one unit platoon of infantry at the beginning of the campaign and you use them as your pool of troops moving forward, expanding or replenishing them as the campaign continues.  After each game both the winner and loser receive a number of points that can be used to rebuild the existing units or purchase new ones.  There could also be a random chance of something unique happening.  Maybe the platoon requisition officer is able to get ahold of more supplies or they are chosen to test some new technology for the high command.  Of course things wouldn't be all good.  It would only make sense for there to be some negative effects as well; the supply lines being disrupted, sickness effecting a number of the troops.  I really like the idea of the story growing as the campaign continues so I'll have to look more into this... though I should probably work on assembling some more troops first.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Slow But Steady Progress...

Well, things have been quite hectic with summer ending and trying to get the stars to align so we can move but I have been making some progress with my Frostgrave warband!  Currently I have both the wizard, apprentice, two thugs, one thief, and one archer painted with most of the others waiting in the wings for some spare hobby time.  No pictures at the moment but once I have them all done I plan on putting them up here for the world to see.
While working on finishing them up, I am going to get more done with my terrain project.  I have some of the bases cut out so I have an idea how it will all fit on there, its just a question of assembling the rest of the buildings.  I'll need to detail them as well of course but for now just getting the basic shapes assembled will work in a pinch.
And last but not least is getting my daughter some figures together so she can try the game.  With various things popping up we weren't able to make it to the Frostgrave campaign that had been running at our LGS but I still want her to give it a try.  The whole wizard and their henchmen digging through the ruins just really seems up her alley so this is really high on my priority list.
Not much else going on at this point.  I should have my warband done within the week so I'll be sure to grab some pictures once they're done.  Until next time...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Building The Ruins: Making Some Terrain For Frostgrave

After my game of Frostgrave I instantly thought that this might be a miniature game that my daughter would actually enjoy.  Miniatures wouldn't be a problem (thanks to all the Bones lying around) but some appropriate terrain was another story.

When we moved I had drastically cut back on my terrain, ultimately consolidating it down to two totes; one for natural features (hills, trees, and the like) and another for structures.  Unfortunately most of my structures were geared more towards my Warmachine days so it's a few individual structures rather than the dense fantasy cityscape that I have in mind for Frostgrave.  To remedy that I broke out the graph paper and started doing a little bit of planning (a truly insane concept but thought I'd give it a try...).
I was able to work out a rough sketch for a 2' x 2' board (on the small size but should still usable for Frostgrave) using a few different standardized footprints.  By doing this I hope to create some terrain features that can be set up pretty quickly while still giving the feel of a densely packed cityscape.  By using the common footprints I should be able to store my terrain fairly easily as well as I'm trying to make the shapes fit together for storage.  They are still a work in progress at this time but I'll be sure to post some pictures once I've made some more headway.
On a related note I've also found a handy way to get my board ready quickly.  Since Frostgrave is supposed to be an ancient city, I really wanted to give it a cobblestone feel.  I looked at a couple of options but happily stumbled across one that I think will work nicely and is dirt cheap as well (truly a great combination in my books...).
While perusing one of our local craft stores I found felt embossed with an irregular pattern much like stone for a just a couple of bucks per piece.  I snatched a couple up to test them out and lo and behold the turned out quite nice if I do say so.
In addition to keeping my costs down I also like that the board now has a little give to its surface to protect falling minis and the texture will grip the buildings a little so in theory they won't go flying across the board if the edge gets hit.
Now I'm off to build some buildings plus so treasure markers, spell effects, terrain... plus I should probably work on painting my warband as well.  Pictures of them coming soon.  Until next time...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lightening The Load: Trollbloods Army For Sale

Hot on the heels of my Cryx army is my Trollblood army.  Unlike the Cryx, I never really got around to painting my Trolls but I do have a pretty respectable number of them as you can see.

As with my Cryx army, this Trollblood army gives you a solid base to start from and can easily be tailored to your play style by adding in a couple of units.  If you are interested you can find the auction at this link...

There will be more as I dig through the mound of stuff laying around but I'm going to try to get another article up soon.  I've been making some good progress with my Frostgrave warband plus some terrain (as a matter of fact both of the armies have been on the board I'm putting together for the game) but more on that soon.  Until next time...