Monday, August 31, 2015

Blogging... Sometimes It's Like Trying To Start An Old Lawn Mower After A Long Winter

And truer words there might not be, at least for me anyway.  This has been quite a year of ups and downs on a personal level but things are finally starting to come back to an even keel.  I might even have some spare time every now and then, so with that in mind its gotten me thinking about my blog.

Will I start churning out posts the way I was at its peak?

Nope, I really don't see that happening.

For one thing, the time that I was investing in the blog to do that made it more work than recreation.  Besides that I was also more heavily into miniature gaming then where as now I'm really focused more on boardgames and roleplaying, both of which seem to lend themselves slightly less to blogging.

Then again, it's still kind of fun to do so maybe it's finally time to start typing again.  Until next time...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So Long For Now

This blog began years ago under a different name but its always been something that I've tried to keep up with.  Unfortunately as life takes its many twists and turns our priorities start to shift and ultimately some things get left by the wayside.  It seems that the Dispatch and in some ways even gaming itself has become one of those things for me.  I had hoped as my interests shifted away from miniature gaming that I could dive deeper into board game and podcast reviews but... well, I just don't see it ever transpiring as I'd originally planned.

Maybe someday I'll have more to write but until then thanks for reading and may all of your dice come up dragons.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fully Painted Cryx Army For Sale

A few years ago I had thought about selling my Cryx army and even got as far as putting it on eBay.  There were no takers at that time and I was able to get some more use out of them but unfortunately time has come to lighten the load so without further ado... here are some pictures of my Cryx army that will be going up onto eBay within the next few days.

This army is painted and forms a solid core for a Cryx army list.  Included are a Deathjack...

A Slayer and a Seether helljack...

Two Nightrippers, one Nightwretch, and one Defiler.

For commanders there is Iron Lich Asphyxious, Pirate Queen Skarre, and War Witch Deneghra with a skarlock thrall to provide them with some support.

Next are the "meat and potatoes" of the army in the form of mechanithralls supported by brute thralls.

Plus some bile thralls just because they're fun to use.

Finally there are also some supporting troops in the for of a pistol wraith, a necrotech, and some scrap thralls.

These few miniatures pictured here are not the full army of course just a sampling so that people can see how they are painted.  Here is a complete run down of the minis that are included in the army.

Iron Lich Asphyxious
Pirate Queen Skarre
Warwitch Deneghra
1 skarlock thrall
1 Deathjack
1 Slayer
1 Seether
2 Nightrippers
1 Nightwretch
1 Defiler
30 mechanithralls
2 brute thralls
6 bile thralls
1 pistol wraith
1 necrotech
4 scrap thralls

This is 75 points worth of troops and warjacks in addition to the three warcasters and would retail for over $450. In addition to the miniatures, I am also including the Sabol Army Transport trays that they are stored in, bringing the retail total to almost $500.  Once the auction goes live, I will post a link in the blog for anyone who might be interested in throwing their hat in the ring.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

X-Wing: I'm Finally Going To Pull The Trigger

Long, long ago in a city far, far away...

I was really thinking about getting into the game X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games.  The miniatures are gorgeous, the rules seem solid enough, and it definitely seemed like FFG was looking to support it for quite a while.  Now if only I could find someone to play against...

Being a two player game in a household with three gamers, one of whom is younger and not that into Star Wars, really makes this a hard game to get into.  My wife enjoyed the movies well enough but miniature space combat wasn't really up her alley so ultimately I decided it would be best to pass on this game in spite of its gorgeous miniatures.

Fast forward to the present day in a town far away from there...

FFG announced that they would be releasing a new space miniature game that would be focusing on the capital ships which got me really excited.  As I've been plowing through episodes of the Clone Wars in my spare time (admittedly during the free time that I would normally be blogging...) the thought of recreating some of their fleet engagements had already been brewing in my head.  With FFG hard at work on a game like this it meant that I could just sit back and buy in when it came out instead of scrounging for old minis and trying to figure out what rules to use.  Sounds great, right?

And then I saw the price.

FFG is not known for inexpensive products because they are also not known for cheap products either.  If it's got their name on it more than likely it will amazing but in the case of Armada (the SW capital ship game in question) the $100 price tag seems just a little steep.  Yes, there are a lot of components crammed into that box along with three really nice looking ships but there are only three of them.  If this game is anything like X Wing then you'd need to have two starter boxes giving this one a $200 entry fee and that's without really having much to field on the Rebellion side of things.  So much for getting into that game but it did lead me to the page for the next wave of ships coming in X Wing as the game expands into a third faction with the galaxy's Scum and Villany moving into the spotlight.

Unsurprisingly these minis look amazing but the thing that really makes me what to get into the game is the extra depth this will add.  Rather than just being limited to the Rebel or Imperial ships, this looks like it opens up lots of new scenarios and even campaign ideas for the game and it proves that FFG is willing to dig deeper into the extended universe of Star Wars to continue to develop this game.  Can't wait to see these hit the shelves later this year but it does give me time to set aside some cash so I get jump in with both feet when they are released.  Until next time...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Workbench: VSF Is Dead! Long Live VSF!

After the disaster of attempting to use Sharpe Practice for VSF/Colonial gaming the beginning of last year, I was largely turned off of miniature gaming for the rest of 2013.  I had a few ideas that I kicked around for either alternate rules to try or other rules to try to hack to fit my purpose but nothing really got me inspired enough to do more with it.

Since our move I've gotten back into Warmachine and even tried out some WWII historical miniatures but I still really enjoy the whole VSF setting and I'd love to do more with it.  As it stands I still have a full company of Colonial Brits plus some extra support in the way of my airship and some special power armor troops I'd started bashing together so I don't see this as a project that I'm going to drop just yet.  Luckily I happened to stumble across In Her Majesty's Name by Ospery Wargames and it looks like Sir Reginald Smythe might make it back to the table again in the future.

I haven't had a chance to play these rules yet but I've given it a quick read through and they look really promising.  A huge plus for it is the ability to quickly stat up your own miniatures in addition to playing one of the pregenerated companies included in the book.  This is also a growing ruleset as there are two more official expansions that have been released by Ospery and rules for adding in a Gothic twist are available on their website.  All in all, this looks too be a lot of fun to try out, not to mention pulling together some interesting companies of my own.  Definitely time to start digging through the miniature pile to see what I can come up with.  Until next time...