Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Konflikt 47: An Army In A Month

I've been slowly working on assembling my US Army force for Konflikt 47 and since I think I've finally decided on a paint scheme I decided its time to get serious about getting them painted.  To that end I've decided to paint one of my soldiers a day for the whole month of March.  I'm travelling out of state for about five days but I should be able to pick up the slack from that break easily enough.

And to make it even more of a challenge (since going from barely painting to doing most of an army isn't enough) I'm also going to do updates on my progress on the blog each week.  Kind of a crazy idea but I've been enjoying picking my brushes up again not to mention the blogging so why not, right?  Now to see how this actually works out.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Konflikt 47: Well That Makes Things Easier...

After my last post I decided to do a quick search to see if maybe there already is a campaign system out there for Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 and what do you know?  The folks over at WWPD.net came out with their own version of this the end of last year call the Road To Victory.

This system starts each commander out with a 2nd Lieutenant, two squads worth no more than 110 points each, and two more random units.  The campaign is designed to be played with two players over five or six games with each player receiving two more random reinforcing units after each game.  Overall its not a bad little system and even has substitution rules for switching out your random roll for an inexperienced infantry unit or an armored transport.  There is also an experience system of sorts so which is nice plus in my opinion.

Even so I'm tempted to modify it slightly to use cards instead of tables for the random units.  This way you can tailor it to the units that you actually own plus it would be possible to add in some kind of special events.  Maybe bonus reinforcements of some kind or the troops are spread thin so you have to press on with your current resources.  Good to see that most of the work is done for me already though as its much easier to modify an existing set of rules instead of creating your own from scratch.

Of course I should probably try to get in a game first...  Need to get myself over to the LGS to remedy that soon.