Monday, June 26, 2017

And Then It Got Really Quiet Around Here Again...

Ya know, things had been moving along at a pretty good clip between blogging and gaming for me again...  And then overtime happened.  Summer months = increased work load since its easier to build things in the northeast during the summer instead of the winter.  Go figure, right?  As a result my miniature gaming has been put on hold for a while though we are getting in some more board games as a family which is always nice.  In fact we recently stopped by a different game store that's a little closer than the one we usually go to and its really nice.  A growing selection of games, good amount of gaming space (mini, board, card, or rpg... take your pick!), and the craziest thing of all... they have natural light!  A game store with big, open windows along the front?  Now that's just pure madness!  As an added bonus they are talked about starting a board game day which would be a blast.  Its still in the works but hopefully soon they will be able to move forward with it.

As for my own hobby, things have gone onto hold.  Unfortunately the guy who was running Frostgrave and had gotten me into Konflikt 47 has dropped out of the hobby after a very bad experience at the game store.  I'd like to think that most gamers aren't bad but every now and then you find that power gamer who is just an ass.  Hopefully his hiatus is temporary but only time will tell whether he decides to continue.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop gaming though.  We are planning on moving within the next few months so I don't want to get stuck in the middle of anything but once we are situated I'm hoping to even be able to set up a small dedicated hobby space which would be amazing.  In the meantime, I want to run a number of short RPGs for my daughter over the summer break.  We had been playing an adventure based on the Secret of Bone Hill which unfortunately has fizzled for the moment so we are looking to do some quick solo adventures.  She's actually already started putting together her first character, a gnome bard armed with an ironwood lute.  That's right, she's a rock star that smashes peoples faces in with her guitar.  Can't wait to see what happens because it just sounds crazy!