Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sin City Dispatch BattleZone Report: And the winner is...

Hey everyone and welcome to the long overdue announcement of the winners for the first tour of Call To Arms at our local FLGS, BattleZone Comics!

The truly amazing thing is that I actually have a good reason for not posting this sooner! Someone else's camera was used to take pictures of the winners for the event, but they didn't post them on our local gamer forum as I thought they would. Oopsy! Still, I can at least announce the winners so without futher ado let's get to it.

First up, major props to three of the four winners as they are all brand new to the game and in some cases were not able to get very many games in but they still managed to place! Great job guys! Now we'll just have to see if you can defend your titles in Season 2!

First up, we have the old guard of the group, me! I managed to secure the lead in the Relentless category (most models killed in one turn) the first week and never let go! Lucky for me everyone else was still get into the game otherwise I suspect that I would have lost that one easy on.

Next up was Ace, the new Cryx player at the BattleZone! He managed to win the Eliminator category (most warcasters/warlocks killed by a 'jack or beast). I think that most of us forgot about the conditions to win this category but Ace stayed on track and pulled out the win!

Next up was Dyllon's Skorne army with the Strategist category (most games won in four rounds or less). This is even more impressive since Dyllon was on the low end for total number of games played in the League but he still managed to pull it out for the win!

Last but not least, the man of the hour was Pat with the Warlord category (overall winner of the League)! Diving headlong into Hordes, Pat managed spread the good word about the game and was one of the driving forces behind getting the game as popular as it is now. Great job Pat, and thanks for your dedication and hard work in helping get the word out about this game.

Once again, congratulations to all of the winners and I look forward to seeing everyone who took part in the League in the future! That's all for now so until next time, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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