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Playing The Roles: First Impressions Of Mutants And Masterminds 1st Edition

Hey everyone and welcome to an impressionable installment of the Dispatch!

After fifteen plus years, I finally played in an RPG again!!! Pat started Serenity and I though the first part of a three session arc Mutants and Mastermind game called The Spirit Of Radio. Let me tell you, it was a blast so without further ado, let's do a quick recap.

The Story So Far...
Recapping the first session of The Spirit Of Radio

Our two characters, Inkspell (a mystical woman who gets her powers from her tatoos) and the Citizen (a none too smart body armor wearing do gooder), had just joined a newly formed government sponsored superhero team in Philadelphia. After being introduced to our mentors, the Dervish and Captain Commando, we were tasked with investigating some unusual gang activity happening downtown while our mentors looked into another matter. There had been a rash of break-ins but the only thing that was ever stolen was audio equipment. An easy enough task for some up and coming superheroes!

Hurrying downtown to investigate, we found several large speaker arrays within a few blocks of each other before noticing a group of people dressed in outrageous 90's dance costumes around a large antenna on the roof of one of the buildings. We moved to investigate while the group of people moved to get themselves into a more defensible position while adjusting their... iPods?

Suddenly showing enhanced abilities, two of the people attacked Inkspell, shattering her mystical force field while another two leaped up into the air to attempt to attack me. I was able to destroy one of their iPods while the other person fell to the roof and was knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Inkspell was able to capture one of the two people who attacked her while the second leaped off the building and disappeared.

We attempted to interrogate our captives to no avail so I deposited them into the local PD and we headed into the building to find out more about the mysterious antenna on the roof.

The clerk at the store was as helpful as the people we caught though we were able to get the phone number of the building owner and were attempting to call it when a massive wave of sound erupted outside the store.

We went outside and found a number of people incapacitated by the insanely loud music and also saw a car driving down the street seeming unaffected by the noise. After a failed attempt to make them stop (An illusionary stop light? Really?), Inkspell blasted the car and made it stop. The driver then got out of the car and proceeded to knock her through a wall.

Keeping an eye on this new individual, I started shooting at the stacks of speakers which seemed to really tick her off. After I destroyed a few of the stacks (greatly reducing the noise levels in the area so we could actually think) she suddenly sprinted away at high speed. I activated the rockets in my boots to catch up to her and it worked perfectly... until she suddenly stopped and I didn't. Well, not until after I crashed into a large fountain outside a church down the road. Ah, the joys of being unlucky.

With the villain gone, Inkspell looked inside the car only to find our two mentors tied up in the back seat. Just who was this mysterious villain and what is the deal with the iPods? And just how are we supposed to stop her when our mentors were both taken out by her so easily?

Thoughts And Impressions

Overall, I really liked what I've experienced of the game system. Pat seems to run light on the mechanics and heavy on the role play but that works for me. The one thing that did surprise me was how short the session went. After about one and a half to two hours, Pat threw the cliff hanger at us and said that's all for now. That definitely caught me off guard but I know that he likes to go for the whole episodic feel so I can totally understand ending it where he did. All in all, it was a lot of fun and its going to be interesting to see what we can figure out next week.

The Parting Shot...

And that's all for now. Definitely a different kind of Dispatch but I have to say that I'm really excited to get back into role playing; it's gonna be frickin' awesome man!!! Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here on the blog or you can email me at Until next time...

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