Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Introduction Before I Talk Your... Eyes off

See, because it's a blog. It wouldn't really be your ears being deluged, but rather eyes, what with this text based media. Ah, you get it...

Anyways, hello all! The name's SpacerGal, and I'm the one who made the Snowman play Monsterpocalypse, got him to restart Warmachine/Hordes a year or so ago, and am now running his weekly Pathfinder adventures. I was very excited when he invited me to contribute to the blog, and I already have several ideas swirling around in my head for regular programing. Get used to seeing this star-faring gamer!

I'm currently doing a lot of role-playing work, both with maintaining my experimental persistent-world Pathfinder game and trying to grow an RP community within a new MMORPG I am playing called Forsaken World, but more on that later. So for now, expect to see at least a decent chunk about RPG, some occasional TCG talk, miniature gibberish when I get around to painting the ridiculous number of figures on my work desk, and other assorted whatnot as it comes.

So there you have it, a quick "This is your co-pilot speaking" from the newest author on Sin City Dispatch. I'll develop my own little clever quip like the dragon dice thing eventually, so for now, a simple "ya'll come back now, y'hear?" will have to suffice.

- SpacerGal

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