Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Force Is Strong In This One

Now who doesn't know that line, right? It turns out that Fantasy Flight Games is very familiar with it as they are currently working on two different Star Wars games. First up is the Star Wars LCG.

Following their fine tradition, FFG has made this an LCG instead of a CCG. For those of you who might not know the difference, a CCG is a collectible game so each booster you buy contains a random selection of cards. Some of the cards are more common than others so it can quickly degenerate into buying tons of packs just to try to find one card or spending a ton of money to buy it on eBay. An LCG is different though as each set contains a set selection of cards. If you and a friend each buy a set you will both have exactly the same selection of cards to choose from. Personally I prefer the later as I've seen the former turn a group of mild mannered gamers into a ravening horde. Not pretty, let me tell you...

In this case, the Star Wars LCG will focus on the original three movies as it pits the Rebel Alliance (that would be you) against the evil Empire. There is not that much information available about it yet but it does look like it could be interesting. Plus its meant for 1 to 4 players which gives you tons of options. We'll definitely have to take a look at this one when more information is available though I have to say that it already has me intrigue.

The second game is X-Wing which is a game of starfighter vs starfighter combat in the Star Wars universe.

From what I've dug up it uses mechanics similar to the WW I dog fighting game Wings Of War at the heart of it. I've never played Wings but I've heard good things about it so that bodes well for the game in my opinion. The starter box also comes with "stunningly detailed and painted miniatures" which is another huge plus. I mean really what Star Wars fan wouldn't want something like that even if they never played the game? The one thing that really makes me wonder at this point is just how many of each ship they are going to include. The X-Wing is markedly better than the TIE fighter so you really couldn't field one against one and have an even battle. Unfortunately this bit of information is has not been released yet so all we can do is wait and see.

What's more is these are only the first two releases that FFG is looking to do. No details yet but their site says that they will be announcing more Star Wars card, role playing, and miniature games in the coming months. Looks like another one that we'll have to keep our eyes on.

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