Saturday, October 1, 2011

He be Mogmurch! Chuffy be me!

The goblin goodness continues as I have more minis painted!  Here's the rest of the party...

Chuffy the rogue and Mogmurch the alchemist

As I mentioned before I'm trying to use the paint schemes to make the different characters really pop though I must admit that I really didn't do anything special for Chuffy.  He has the wonderful goblin feat pustular which means he has a serious case of teenage acne.  I was going to paint his face so that it looked pretty nasty but I like how he turned out so I'm just going with the generic goblin look.  The only other one that is close to being so generic is Poog but he is easy to pick out as he has the spear.

Mogmurch is a different story.  He has a skull face mask so I went with skull face paint for a quick and easy solution.  Of course he's also supposed to have a club instead of a sword but I think that the face paint is enough to make him stand out.

With the party done, now its time to get to the various NPC critters but more on them later.  Until next time...

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