Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random Update: Bones and Badges! Sweet!!!

Lots of exciting stuff here in Snowman's Land, at least for me anyway.  This past week I earned my copper board game reviewer badge on for having five submitted reviews approved and today finding out that my Bones are on the way!  Just a whole lot of awesome!

The reviewer badge was actually one of my goals for this year though I don't remember if I actually posted it in my goals for the year.  Now I'm one of just over 2000 members of to have one of these badges so I have no idea just how common they are but its still something that I'm excited about.  Now I just need to write another 45 to earn the silver badge.  Probably have to wait until next year for that one.  Much closer on the horizon is the silver board game collector since I'm only twelve games away from that and it seems I'm finding at least one more game that I want to pick up every week.

As for the Bones, this means that its time to update my number of miniatures purchased for the year.  I decided when I pledged for this and Relic Knights that I would wait until I actually received them to add to my list which means my miniature purchases are about to go from a big old goose egg to 247 in one fell swoop.  Definitely time to get the brushes ready!  They should be arriving in all their boney goodness in a week so check back then for the unboxing!  Heck, I might even break out the video camera for this one!  Until next time...


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Pete Lowther said...

Talked to my FLGS and they are hoping to have a copy in soon. Apparently they are in between print runs right now but I'll have it soon!