Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random Updates: Gamer Rage... AKA: Apparently You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Annoyed?

I can honestly say that the week leading up to Thanksgiving was one of the most hardcore weeks of gaming that we've had in a while.  Fourteen games just in seven days which I think might be a record for us this year.  Even crazier was the fact that eight of those games were just King of Tokyo!  Maybe it was just too much gamer goodness or a lack of caffeine that night or even just the aftereffects of a headache that had been lingering in the back of my melon for most of that time, but so it was that I descended into that rarefied state known as gamer rage... or so I'm told.

It was the tail end of this string of games and we were playing Resistance with some friends of ours.  For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the game, it involves looking at cards without your neighbors being able to see said same cards.  Great party game if you play it right and at some point I'll get off my butt and write a review of it but back to my point.  As for our group, there were a number of preteens and teens with all their youthful exuberance and sugar laden metabolisms but it was cool.  We were having fun throwing accusations around the table as we tried to bring down the corporation.  There were a couple of times that I noticed people almost literally bending their cards in half and so I asked people to please be careful with the cards and not bend them when they looked at them without actually singling anyone out.

After putting this out there several times I noticed one of the girls was almost crushing her card in her hand so I called her out on it.  I told her in a firm voice that I had mentioned what she was doing in passing a few times already and I asked her to please not crush the card in the future.  To me this was a completely reasonable request.  After all, it wasn't the fact that she was bending one of the cards in the game, it was the fact that she was doing something that I'd politely asked people to please not do. You'd think that this would resolve it right?


The next day, our friend texted my wife and asked where they could get a replacement for the game because she was so upset by what I'd said.  Personally I was and still am kind of stunned by this.  It had nothing to do with the fact that it was the game that I was annoyed, it was the simple fact that she was continuing to do something that I'd asked the group politely not to do.  If she was banging on the table or yelling in my ear and I'd said something would it have prompted the same reaction?

Sometimes I just don't got people.

So how about you folks out there?  Does anyone have a tale of gamer rage you'd like to share, either real or assumed?  I'd love to hear about it so go ahead and tell us about it in the comments below.  As for me, I think I need to have a cup of soothing camomile tea while I put together a game review for my next post.  Until next time...

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