Thursday, July 13, 2017

Frostgrave: Initial Impressions of Ulterior Motives

My daughter and I went to our LGS for the reboot of the local Frostgrave campaign over the weekend and I was able to see Ulterior Motives in action.  I have to say that I really like the extra twist that it brings to the game though it was a little unclear how and if we were supposed to interact with some of the things that it added.
For example, my motive let me add a pit to the board that I would get a bonus from if no one interacted with it during the game plus two red herrings in the form of a gateway and a zombie.  The zombie was pretty straightforward (it wanders around and attacks things... go figure!) but the other two were less clear.  My gateway was one of two that were on the board while there were at least four pits scattered around.  During the game the only thing that people actually engaged were the two zombies roaming the board but we all just avoided the rest of the "items".

Here's a view of the board at the beginning of the game from my table edge. Whole lot of stuff going on out there!
Unfortunately I don't own a copy of Ulterior Motives (yet...) but this is something that I want to dig into to see if there are other actions that we could take with the various bits that were added and how it is handled.  I can see a lot of potential if these are things that we could all try to interact with.
It also really got me itching to make some terrain markers for all the various bits and bobs that you use to represent the objectives.  I've been in a bit of a hobby slump lately so its great to have something kick me back into gear again.  I haven't start working on these yet but I'll try to get up pictures as I work on them, plus my warband that I threw together is entirely made of painted minis!  Huzzah!  So there will be pics of them coming soon as well.  Until next time...

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