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Sin City Dispatch #6

Hey everybody, welcome to the sixth issue of the Dispatch!

In this issue, we will start out with Incoming!!! as we take a look at some of the new 40k Ork miniatures that will be coming out in January, plus we will take a look at the new annoucement released by Rackham Entertainment. Then we will head on over to the Workbench as we look at creating custom objective markers for 40k. So sit down and strap in because we are about to hit the ground running!

Upcoming Releases for AT-43 and Warhammer 40,000

New on the preorders section for 40k are the latest and greatest for the Orks! Due out in Janu-Waaagh-ry (their joke; I only stole it, I didn't write it...) all of these are really nice looking plastic sets with lots of modeling possibilities.

First up among the new releases is the often "official" model for the most scratch built piece in the game, plastic Battlewagon.

Unfortunately this one is kind of a disappointment in my opinion. It looks more like a heavily armored trukk than anything else but then again I am only going by the few pictures of it that I have seen. Even so, there are tons of bits for it so this set will be worth getting even if it is just to cannibalize for parts.

Next up are the biggest, baddest, and greenest of the Orks! That's right, we are talking about the new plastic Ork Nobz.

Packed with options (including kombi-shootas, power klaws, and big choppas just to name a few...), this set will have enough bits to let you customize all of your Nobz. This will be a great addition to range as it will let you add those personal touches that will really set your Nobz apart.

Right now the only way to field the Stormboyz is by using the regular plastic boyz and adding on the Stormboyz conversion pack, but that will all change once the new plastic Stormboyz hit the shelves.

As with all of the other sets there are bits galore so that you can create some truly unique looking models. I hadn't really been looking at adding Stormboyz to my Waaagh, but after looking at these things I am really tempted to give them a try just to give me an excuse to get these minis!

Last but not least (though most Orks would probably disagree...) is the new plastic Gretchin boxed set.

Packed with ten grots and a runtherd, this finally gives people a cheap way to field a giant grot shield, not to mention all of the conversion possibilities that these plastic models should have. Getting all the grot minions that you can shake a bosspole at just got that much easier.

On the AT-43 front, things are actually just as interesting. In a news release from the newly formed Rackham Entertainment, the makers of AT-43 laid out their plans to match up release dates around the world over the next couple months. As of Wave 9 they are expecting to have the release dates in Europe and North America matched up which is definitely good news for the folks on the other side of the pond.

Next year will also see the release of the next two races in the AT-43 universe, the Cogs first then the Oni later in the year. And if that is not enough AT-43 goodness for you, Code White, the first of a trilogy set in the AT-43 universe should be out in the first quarter as well.

There are two other items among the other things mentioned that really stood out for me. First is a teaser for Rush N' Crush, a new game that sounds like a Car Wars style racing game set on Ava. Not much information on this one yet but the concept pictures have definitely piqued my interest. The second item is the new Rackham Model Kits. Set for release in March, this line is supposed to include kits based on the models in the AT-43 universe Ever want to really customize a Nakovalny? Sounds like this might be your chance!

Overall, the announcement sounds like a very ambitious goal that Rackham Entertainment is aiming for. Only time will tell just how well they are able to do what they say but so far things are sounding pretty promising.

From the Workbench
Creating Custom Objective Markers

With 5th Edition 40k, objectives really seem to have come into their own as two of the three scenarios are focused on controling them. I really like this in a game as it seems somewhat more realistic. If you think about it, most modern warfare is focused more on taking and holding different objectives rather then simply trying to kill everything in sight. But how do you mark these objectives in the game?

Among the possible solutions are using counters or those glass beads that almost every gamer has in their collection. GW even has their own solution in the 40k counter set by providing half a dozen neon green flags that you can set on the board. All of these are fine but I really like the idea of making something with a little more character just to keep things interesting.

The first marker that I made was "The Dead Genestealer".

Mounted on a large cirular base, it features a partially chopped up genestealer with a choppa through on of its arms. I made this by cutting up an extra genestealaer that I had laying about and then cutting a choppa from the Ork Boyz sprue.

My next one is "Alas Poor Yur-Ork".

I had to dig a little deeper in the bits box for this one but I really like how it turned out. Using some metal barrels from a scenery sprue, some boxes from some old Rhinos, and one of the plastic Ork boyz, this piece has the Ork chatting with an Ork skull. See what happens when you get into the fungus beer too early in the day?

In addition to these two, I am also going to make a marker using one of the spare Devilfish engines and some of the Hive Nodes from the Genestealer boxed set. All very simple ideas that really work to visually spice up the game. As an added plus, they are also a lot of fun to make so if you don't have any of these I definitely recommend taking some time to throw a few together.

The Parting Shot...

And that does it for this issue! A short one this time but the next issue will be longer since it will be featuring the return of the battle report! Yay!!! My Tyranids take on Matt's Orks in a bitter rematch. Last time the Orks were able to gun down the 'Nids before they could even engage. Will the green menace be triumphant again or will they just become more biomass for the Hivefleet? Check back soon to find out but until then, may all of your dice come up Dragons!

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