Saturday, August 14, 2010

Audio Noise: Footwear of Terror

Hey everyone and welcome to terrifying installment of Audio Noise that you're sure to get a kick out of.

For this segment, we are going to look at one of the most established RPG podcasts out there. How do I figure? Well, when you've hosted your own con for three years running you have to figure the guys are doing something right. I'm talking about none other than...

Fear The Boot

Focus: Role-playing topics of all kinds
Audio Quality: four out of five well polished boots
Content Quality: four and a half out of five well polished boots
Average Length: Roughly one hour
Language: Mild compared to some.

There are a number of different role-playing podcasts that I listen to but Fear the Boot is definitely one of the best. Taking a more serious bent then most, these guys try to look at a different aspect of the role playing hobby each week producing not only an entertaining show but also an informative one as well. They have even taken it a step further by addressing the issue of gamer health, a topic that definitely should not to be taken lightly.

We as gamers tend to grab whatever we can get our hands on to munch on while we play our games. From chips to candy to burgers and more, quick and convenient tends to be the order of the day. In episodes 180 and 181, they take a look at things you can do individually and as a gaming group to help those of us looking to improve our quality of life just a little bit. Honestly, even if you aren't interested in role playing games I recommend checking out at least these two episodes.

As for the rest of the podcast, it is definitely worth giving it a listen. These guys have lots of great advise to help you improve your role-playing experience and deal with many different things that you might encounter around the table. They also have an extensive website and a very well established forum community if you are looking for something more. How well established you wonder? As I mentioned before, they have hosted their own con for three years running and they still have plans for more so get over there and check them out! It will definitely be worth your time.

The Parting Shot

As always, thanks for checking out the blog and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to either leave them right here on the blog or you can email me at I hope you enjoyed this bit of noise and be sure to come back again. Until then, remember when you are given a choice, take both.

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