Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not a Battle Report: Startled Sheep In The Trees

Hey everyone and welcome to what was supposed to be a heroic episode of the Dispatch!

For this episode we were going to get brutal as we look at a Song of Blades and Heroes battle report. Yeah, unfortunately you read that right. "Were." So what happened? Well, one of the problems with Song of Blades and Heroes is also one of its strengths. It has a system that lets you create any kind of beastie that your mind can conjure up, giving it a vast range and depth. This is all well and good, but when you are first starting out you should have some kind of an idea how the stats balance out. Let me explain.

For this scenario I created my two warbands, set up the board, and set out to have them murder each other. Not a bad idea except that I seriously misjudged their quality rating which affects when and if a model with activate in the turn. This meant that while the Wolfen were slowly moving across the board, the critters from down below just sat there... and sat there... and sat there. Makes it hard to have a game when one side is too busy picking their noses to get into the fight! Realizing my mistake, I adjusted the quality of the Troglodytes (still working on a better name as this one just doesn't seem to fit... maybe the dwellers or the delvers...) to make the comparable to the Wolfen. At first this seemed to be more or less balanced but as things went on I realized the quality rating on both sides was still too high. Instead of warriors charging forward to battle, it was more like a couple flocks of sheep that were shocked to see each other.

Needless to say this was not very inspiring and I was really tempted to just give up on the system at that point but I decided to stick to my guns and try it yet again! I have crunched the numbers and taken everything that I learned from my failed attempts into account and I think I'm all set to give it another run through... now I just need to find the time to do it. Curse you weekend! Why are you always so short?!?!?

So yes, the battle report is still coming... but not yet. Soon, I promise.

The Parting Shot

Well, things should be back on track next week with the SoBH battle report... really, I mean it this time! Man, you miss a deadline and everyone becomes a critic... Thanks for checking out the blog and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to either leave them right here on the blog or you can email me at That includes thoughts on what to call the underground critters as well. Right now I'm toying with dwellers, delvers, or darklings but I'd love to hear some other suggestions as well. Until then, may all of your hardened warriors remember that they're not sheep!

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