Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taking That Leap Of Faith

Hey everyone and welcome to a righteous installment of the Dispatch!

For this one, we are going to be taking a look at another game by Ganesha Games as we get medieval on some monsters. So close your eyes and trust in your virtue as we come face to face with Fear and Faith!

The Hunters And The Hunted
A Review of Fear And Faith by Ganesha Games

As you might recall, I found out about the Song of Blades and Heroes miniature game just a few months ago. I gave it a try and I must say that there is an awful lot to like about the system. Not only is it very simple and quick to play, it is also generic and has a system to stat up any miniatures that you might have on hand.

One of the other remarkable things about this system is just how adaptable it it. Currently there are eight different settings that use the Song of Blades ruleset at their core with more on the way, not to mention a number of supplements to those core books. Ranging from fantasy to sci-fi and Napoleonic to Quar, there are rules out there for almost any kind of setting you might have in mind including horror.

Fear and Faith uses the basic mechanics of the Song of Blades system with a few alterations and additions. Players now have access to many abilities to represent various tropes that are common to the whole horror genre. Want to make a horde of ravening zombies? You can do that! Crazy slasher maniac? Yep, that's there too. Great C'thulhu? Hey, if you have the mini then you can play it!

Even with this extensive range of abilities, the game still is able to keep it's very streamlined mechanics intact with only a few additions. In addition to the basic rules for activations and such, the rules have pulled some of the simpler mechanics from their other games to include a more detailed ranged combat system. Who needs a bow when you can use a shotgun? They have also added a few completely new rules that are integral to the genre. After all, you can't do horror without a little fear which they cover here along with insanity for those of a Lovecraftian bent.

All and all, Fear and Faith looks to be another great addition to anyone's miniature wargame library. With easy to understand and very adaptable rules, the only major limit to what you can do with this game is your own creativity. When you combine all of this with a very reasonable price point (a mere $8 here in the States) and I really can't think of any reason not to pick up this game.

The Parting Shot...

That wraps up another one but expect more on Fear and Faith over the next few weeks including a battle report! Thanks for checking out the blog and as always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to either leave them right here on the blog or you can email me at Plus you can now follow the Dispatch on Facebook by clicking on the like button to the right. Until next time...

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