Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Degrees To Motivational Duplication!

Hey everyone!

While reading comments on another blog that I follow (Minions of the Monster Master), I stumbled on a link to another blog (My Dice Hate Me) which had a segment that I really liked, Motivational Monday. So much so that I decided to start doing my own here on the Dispatch but I gotta give credit where it's due. My Dice Hate Me was the inspiration for this one so take a second to get over there and check it out. Mainly focused on 40k and Warhammer Fanstasy, he also has some Warmachine thrown in there to boot. Good stuff all around IMO.

And now it's time to get motivated!

I choose this one due to my latest foray into the wonderful world of GMing! It's been stupid long since I played an RPG and to get back into I decided to start out running a game. It's gonna be interesting, let me tell ya!

There is more coming soon so be sure to check back here and also check out My Dice Hate Me as well. Until next time...

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