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Audio Noise: Revisiting A Sleeper

Hello everyone and welcome to your non-Euclidean review here at the Dispatch!

We are bending time and space again as we take another look at one of the older installments of Audio Noise. Things they have been a changing so I decided it was time for a recap to share the news about what's new at that oldie but goody, Yog Radio.

Yog Radio

Focus: Role playing, literature, movies and more relating to Call of Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraft
Audio Quality: four and a half of five cosmic horrors
Content Quality: four of five cosmic horrors
Average Length: two to two and a half hours for Yog Radio and 45 minutes to an hour for News From Pnakotus
Release schedule: Yog Radio releases roughly monthly (very roughly) while News From Pnakotus releases every other week

Going on six years in 2011, Yog Radio is showing no signs of slowing down. Quite the contrary as they have made a few changes that are worth talking about. One of the problems that they had been facing for a while was the delay between the podcast release and the various industry releases for the game. By the time the show finally hit the "airwaves", most of their news was at least a week out of date if not more. To remedy this problem, the folks at Yog Radio have now split off the news into its own show called News From Pnakotus which is released on the same feed.

Unlike the fairly erratic schedule of the main show, News From Pnakotus is much more regular and comes out roughly every other week. Covering everything Lovecraftian from gaming to video releases, this new show is rapidly becoming the place to hear what is new and exciting with the Elder Gods. As for the main show, farming off the news now lets them spend more time on other topics such as discussing hot topics from the forums, interviews, reviews, and more.

In addition, they have also recently brought back all of their actual play recordings. They had originally only had the two latest ones available but now all four of their games are available with a fifth one coming out for public release within the next couple months. These games are fun to listen to and you might actually learn a thing or two as well as the various players often share their own insights into the various locations that the campaigns traverse.

If all of this wasn't enough for you, they also have an extensive website and an active forum dedicated to Call of C'thulhu that you can find at All in all, if you are interested in the Call of C'thulhu role playing game or even just the works of Lovecraft, I definitely recommend you head on over and check them out. It is Call of C'thulhu after all. You never know just what you'll find waiting for you around the next corner.

The Parting Shot...

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