Thursday, July 7, 2011

Really Diggin' Dem Bones

At our last gaming session SpacerGal kept raving about this game she'd picked up for her Nintendo DS, saying that it was even better than Pokemon. Personally this is like saying that strychnine is better than cyanide but after listening to her go on about how great Pokemon was it got me thinking that maybe I should check this game out. Just what game was it? Why none other than Fossil Fighters.

In this game you play a budding young fossil fighter hoping to prove that you have what it takes to become a master fossil fighter. To do this you have to find and clean fossils of various dinosaurs which are then used to create a vivosaur copy that you can battle with. Kind of an odd concept but it sounded intriguing so I decided to bite the bullet and pick it up to see if it was as good as SpacerGal said.

I still don't know how it compares to Pokemon but I have to say that Fossil Fighters is a fun little game that challenges you on several levels. Finding the fossils is relatively easy but before you can make use of them you have to clean them. This is done using the touch screen on the DS to break and drill away the rocks from the precious bones within but be careful! If you just go at the rock willy-nilly you will not only break the rock but probably the fossil as well. At best this will make you vivosaur weaker than it should be but it could make the bones completely useless as well.

Once you have created your vivosaurs from the bones that you successfully cleaned it is time to fight! To do this you must choose which vivosaurs you will have on a team and then pick which team to use. In my opinion this is one of the places where the game really shines as you can either just pick whatever looks cool to you or you can get deeper into the mechanics of the whole thing to create a balanced team to take to battle. Each vivosaur has different strengths and weaknesses and its up to you to create a team that you can take to the "table" that is strong enough to beat you opponent and get you one step closer to becoming at Fossil Fighter Master.

This game is definitely worth picking up in my opinion. There is more depth to it than first meets the eye but even that depends on the user. Feel like just screwing around? Go for it. Want something a little more in depth as far as strategy? This game can give you that as well. And the really cool thing about it? You can get it for less than $20. A fun game at a great price is a combination that you just can't go wrong with.

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