Thursday, January 12, 2012

Adventurers Assemble!

Back to Leviathos we go!!!  After a really long break we finally were able to get in a game of Pathfinder again.  As an added plus, we even had miniatures for most of the party thanks once again to the incredible search engine on Reaper Miniatures.  If you haven't checked them out and you're looking for miniatures then get on over there and give them a try.  They have a great selection that is thoroughly tagged so its very easy to find just what you are looking for.  In our case we have two half elves and their companions.

My character for this adventure is Caladrel, a Stormborn sorcerer with a little bit of wizard thrown in for good measure which is how I managed to get a familiar.

 Great detail on both of these miniatures made them really easy to paint though Caladrel's face seemed slightly off.  It still painted up well enough but something just seemed a not quite even about its proportions.  I also slightly modified his familiar Jhori by taking off the end of his spear as I mentioned before.

After all the glowing talk about Reaper I unfortunately had to break away for the next pair to get the right familiar.

 Keiyendora is the Nature Warden miniature from the Pathfinder range which just keeps getting better with each new addition.  Its great to see this line continue to expand even as the Pathfinder pre-paints hit the shelves giving people tons of options.  For her ape I actually had to get an old Heroclix figure because orangutans are just not that easy to find unfortunately.  Unsurprisingly there is not a lot of detail on this one but I'm still happy with how it turned out.

There was one other character who we had to use a random mini for but hopefully she'll be able to get hold of a figure before the next game.  This session was our first using the figures (and a white board for an impromptu  battlemat) and it definitely helped keep the whole thing in perspective.

Definitely looking forward to adding more minis to my collection plus I'm hoping to get back behind the screen soon as well.  Until next time...

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