Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Damn you Harris!!!

While digging around iTunes for something to listen to I stumbled across something a little different.  I've found podcasts of D & D, Call of C'Thulhu, and Dark Heresy to name a few but this was one of the few Fate actual plays I've found.

Focus: Actual play sessions
Audio Quality: Three and a half out of five Tesla coils (FYI this is s Skype game which is why the audio quality is just above average)
Content Quality: Four and half wrenches out of five
Average Length: about two to two and a half hours
Release Schedule: pretty much weekly

Of Steam, Steel, and Murder is a Fate game set in an alternate history where electricity and steam engines abound.  Set in the city of Metapol, this storyline follows a group of Guild investigators (kind of like PIs but with a little more clout) as they delve into the dark conspiracy that is building within and threats to pull the world back into war.  I'm up to episode 20 out of the 40 plus that they've released so far and the paranoia is building every session as the PCs start to question just who is part of conspiracy and who isn't.  Definitely can't wait to see how things develop!

One of the great things about this story is the emphasis on investigation instead of combat and the Fate system does a great job supporting it.  With its quick and descriptive resolution system, the group is able to keep the game moving along very smoothly where a lot of other systems can start to really get bogged down on the crunch.  In fact I like how the system plays so much that I'm even thinking about giving Fate a try in the future as well.  As for the storyline, the GM reveals some of the information that the players might have missed in the wrap up for the episodes but there are ongoing complications as well.  Overall this podcast has a very rich plot and I definitely recommend giving it a listen.  Until next time...

Quick addendum...  I recently finished listening to episode 21 and just had to make a quick comment.  Overall I'm still enjoying listening to the game but there are a few in character debates that occurred during the last three episodes that really slow down the action.  If you listen I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.  While these are a bit of character development but they do tend to become rather repetitive and drag some so you might want to skip over them.

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