Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rustle, Rustle, And Snickity Snack

Back in 2010 Wyrd Miniatures released a collection of Halloween story encounters consisting of three different scenarios.  The first two use miniatures that are available from Wyrd but the third features a gentle little fellow called the Carver.

Happy looking isn't he?

As is always the case, the scenario that doesn't have a figure interests me the most so the question becomes just where do you find a giant scarecrow-like figure that you can proxy for him?  Turns out I didn't have to look any further than the now defunct World Of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

The original set contains a common figure called the Harvest Golem.

Not quite the same as the picture of the Carver but he's close enough for my purposes.  The first problem with the figure is the base.  Unlike the one pictured here, the actual miniature comes with the standard WoW mini game base which is slightly smaller than a 50mm base and has a ring attached to the bottom.  I first tried to cut the figure off of the base but this was a serious pain so I decided to just cut off the ring instead.  This was a much easier solution and soon enough I had him ready to mount on a standard 50mm base.

A little bit of putty work to make the join between the new base and old look a little more subtle, a fresh coat of paint, and voila!

For the paint scheme I actually just copied over the existing colors with some darker shades and used a flesh wash to add a little bit of depth.  Following this up with a quick highlight and a generous application of gore to his loving little hands and the gentle giant is ready to take his place amongst the of nightmares of the Malifaux.  This is definitely a scenario that I want to give a try so you can expect a battle report on this once Spacer and I have a chance to Malifaux to the table and wrap our little brains around it.  Until next time...

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