Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well Isn't That Just Legendary

I recently picked up some miniatures for dirt cheap that were really high quality... and pre-painted even!  Where exactly did I get them?  Well from none other than Reaper Miniatures of course!

The Legendary Encounters line has been out for a while but it was just something that I never looked at as it didn't fit in with anything I was playing so I pretty much just forgot about them until recently.  I was putting together an order on Miniature Market (great online store by the way) when I stumbled across them again.  I was looking for trolls and a bugbear and both of these are in the Legendary Encounters line so I decided to pick them up.  At regular retail the Legendary Encounters figures actually run at least a couple of dollars less than the metal versions so I decided it was time to check them out.

Man was I in for a surprise.

Cave troll on the left and bugbear on the right.
The figures are actually cast in a soft plastic meaning that it is somewhat bendable but it quickly retakes its original shape.  There's nothing wrong with this in my book but I was really surprised by it.  Even so the detail looks to be as crisp on these as the original metals and the painting is pretty good as well.  In fact I'm actually happy enough with the detail on them that they are a very low priority on my painting table which is a nice thing as it leaves me with more time for more important minis.
Overall I'd definitely recommend checking these out if you are looking for some inexpensive but nice looking alternatives for the more common pre-paints that are out there.  Until next time...

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