Saturday, June 2, 2012

If You Don't Like My Book, I'll Rip Your Lungs Out

These words are just some of the kind pleasantries lavished upon you when you read Grimtooth's Traps produced by Flying Buffalo.

Originally released way back in 1981 I still have fond memories of this book and its sequels.

So just what is it?

Well it's a book of traps, hence the name.  Go figure, right?

Unlike traps that you might find in rpg source books elsewhere, these traps are virtually guaranteed to kill any party down to a man.  Of course this limits just how useful the book is as a game-aid, but everything is written with such a lighthearted bloodthirstiness that it hard not to enjoy just giving it a read through.

What's even better about this is that its now available on PDF from No need to go trolling around eBay or the Amazon used book section to get hold of this little gem!  So get on over there and pick it up... or Grim is going to be very upset with you.  Until next time...

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