Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Time To Go Into The Breach!

Wow, guess it helps to actually hit the "Publish" button when you finish typing.  Whoopsy!  Combination of too much work and vacation have apparently warped my brain more than normal.  Ah well, here's yesterday's post today.  Enjoy!

Today Spacer and I were finally able to get Malifaux to the table!  It took months to get it there but I think it was well worth the wait as we both had a really good time.

For our intro game we went with a 20 soul stone limit to keep things simple. I fielded Sonnia Criid supported by Samael Hopkins, a witchling, and a convict gunslinger while Spacer had Lilith, a mature nephilim, and three terror tots.  There was definitely a lot of page turning as we worked our way through the mechanics but after a couple of turns it was really clicking for both of us.  Unfortunately there are no pictures but next time I definitely plan on doing the session justice with a full battle report.

Even though we literally fought our way to a stalemate (we each managed to score a whooping two victory points!) we both had a lot fun and are looking forward to getting it back to the table again.  In fact I'm already looking at expanding my collection to try out more of the options that are out there which seems to be something this game really lends itself to.  Unlike more massive games like 40k which require you to invest at least a couple hundred dollars just to get the core units of an army, it really seems like Malifaux can be played with just a starter and still give you some options to play with.  Add in another starter or two and you can just start mixing and matching to really explore the possibilities your faction has to offer.

Now I just need to pick up the new rulebooks so I can figure out how to beat Collette and her showgirls, plus get Perdita and her family ready to go.  More on that and my "new" recycled orc Song of Blades and Heroes warband later though.  Until next time...


MIK said...

Next time get some pics for sure. Malifaux looks cool, especially the bayou goblins faction. Looking forward to more.

Pete Lowther said...

Thanks Mik! Definitely will have pics next time though I suspect Spacer still won't have his minis painted by then since he actually paints slower than you do. ; )

As for the game the card mechanic really adds an interesting twist to the game and I can't wait to get in some more games!