Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look Ma! The Carnival's In Town!

The one game of Malifaux that Spacer and I managed to squeeze in has sent both of our creative juices into overdrive.  He's dreaming up stats for a haunted manor/mad house built out of Terraclips while I've started work on some carnival wagons!  My original thought had been make these for Collete and her showgirls but I've been able to dream up another option thanks to Black Scorpion Miniatures.

Years ago I'd ordered some of the Tombstone miniatures along with the Madhatter from their Desolation Row post apoc line.  Since then two of the Tombstone minis have joined the ranks of my Witch Hunter crew as Guild Guards but I'd been hard pressed to figure out what to do with the Madhatter until I started work on the carnival wagons.

Here's a view of the front of the wagon with minis for scale.
Rather than using them for Collette I decided to make some for the Hatter's traveling emporium, a cover for a much more sinister purpose and the perfect target for a scenario in Malifaux.  The two opposing crews have to search the wagons to find the captives he is trying to lure away while keeping their opponent from doing the same.  The winner would be the one to get the captives back to their deployment zone before the game ends.  To throw another wrench into the works I'm also thinking about sticking a convict gunslinger in another wagon just to mix things up.

And the back of the same wagon to show the door.
Definitely still more work to be done to iron out the details (not to mention I need to get the wheel assemblies for the wagons as well...) but I'll be sure to post more on this once we get it to the table.  Til then I'm off to build more wagons!  Until next time...


MIK said...

I wish we had gotten Malifaux off the ground around these parts. Sounds good what you guys are oding, I like those buildings too. Keep the ball rolling!

Pete Lowther said...

I hate to say it but its actually barely alive around here. Spacer recently went to an LGS and they have all the Malifaux on clearance because it just wasn't selling. That's not stopping us though; Spacer and his wife are now up to four different crews and I'm already planning out my third... and fourth... actually my fifth as well. Yep, time to get back to painting!