Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malifaux Kickstarter: But Where Is The Game Exactly?

A week ago I wrote about the Kickstarter for Through the Breach, the role playing game from Wyrd Miniatures set in the Malifaux world.  With such a rich world to draw on I was really excited about this and was looking forward to seeing just what they had in mind.
Notice the "was" in there?
Now a week later I have decided to withdraw my backing from this project, but the question is why?
Most of the Kickstarter projects that I've seen or backed have had at least some of the development done on them before they hit Kickstarter, the general idea being "here is our product, please help us produce this on a large scale".  For example, some of the initial run for the new Reaper Bones was shown in the video for their KS because they had already started working on it, and Relic Knights by Soda Pop Minis had been in development and playtesting more than a year before their KS even started.
In stark contrast, it sounds like Through the Breach still has yet to reach the playtest level but is slated to be released in roughly nine months.  In fact the only thing that I've really been able to pick up from the info that I've seen is that the game will use a card mechanic like Malifaux which makes me a little leery.  How they can expect to create a solid and unique game system and work out the bugs in less then a year... well, I just don't see that really happening.
Don't get me wrong; I hope that they are able to create this incredible and lasting game like they were talking about in the initial video on the KS but personally I think I'll wait to see what the game is like before I start handing over my money.  Until next time...


MIK said...

Kickstarter shouldn't be about funding ideas from scratch, it should be about hitting the "print" button on a nearly finished product.

Like you, the premise of a Malifaux RPG is awesome, but show me what you've got first Wyrd, not what you intend to do.

Sin City Snowman said...

Exactly my thoughts Mik, and as I understood it that is the concept behind Kickstarter in the first place.

Hopefully they are able to pull it off but to make a solid game in less than nine months... just don't like the odds on that one.

ado said...

Are you getting the Kickstarter updates for this? Because it really sounds like the backbone of this game is all lined up and they've been working on it for some time now.

Sin City Snowman said...

I had been checking the updates but that wasn't the impression that I was getting at all. Like I said, hopefully they can pull it off but I just not convinced based on what I was seeing.