Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MDRG Miniatures: Break Out The Miracle Grow, We Need Reinforcements!

In Mutants and Death Rays you can field warbands of all kinds of different critters and I've modeled a number of them.  The mutants of Dr. Medel, the robots of the 00101001 gang, Mordac and his band of survivors, and Saint Mark with his followers from the Ranks of the Pure.  The only two types of creatures that I haven't done yet are the Wretched (think plague zombies and you get the idea...) and plants.

Yes, you read that last one right; plants.

There are lots of minis out there for all kinds of different things but one of the types that is lacking (at least that I've found anyway) are plants.  GW has made a number of them in the form of dryads and treants but that's a pretty limited pool to choose from which is why I haven't attempted one yet.  As luck would have it the solution to this problem came from a bunch of dollar store flowers.

First I stripped off the leaves and the flowers to give me the basic structure of the critter.

Next I straightened out the six out "legs" and then bent them to give the look of spider or insect legs.  This left one stem located in the center of the bunch that I twisted so that it resembled a tendril.

This gives you the basic form for the creature but there are still a few details to add.

For these I removed the petals from one of the flowers and attached this to what had been the base of the stem to create the "eyes".  Then I took a couple of the sets of leaves and slid them up the central tendril to create some of a body.  And voila!

An "instant" giant plant creature and only for a dollar no less!  Ya can't beat that with a stick even if you tried.

I still have to create some smaller critters to go along with these giant ones but this is definitely a good start toward getting them to the table.  I've got some ideas on this front but nothing concrete yet so more on that later.  Until next time...


MIK said...

Not only is this inexpensive (and awesome) it has a very creepy vibe going on with the spindly stick-like appendages. It has the feel of being fast, and deadly, plus it dwarfs the models in the pic who are about to become fertilizer.

Nice work!

Pete Lowther said...

Thanks Mik! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out but now I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the warband. Might just "leaf" these for a story encounter instead of making them a full band. Seems like just fielding a bunch of these things would be a slight case of overkill.