Thursday, April 5, 2012

The 00101001 Gang

It's been a while since I've gotten any miniatures to the table but I think it's time to rectify that by heading back to the blasted future of Mutants And Death Ray Guns.  Digging through the various miniatures that I have laying about I've found a few different gangs that I can put together.  The first of these is a robot gang who are determined to sweep away the oppressive scourge of Humanity.

XTU-1a aka Needle Nose (52 points) and XTU-2b aka Zippo (50 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 4
Special rules: force field, intrusion module, needle gun/flamethrower

XTU-1a and 2b are both old military prototype stealth units designed to move behind enemy lines and either assassinate targets or launch terror attacks.  Both units are equipped with force fields and an intrusion module which make them extremely dangerous opponents when cover is available.  Needle Nose also mounts a needle gun making him an ideal assassin while Zippo carries a flamethrower for those late night barbeques.

ACAU-M1A aka the Brute (43 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 4
Special rules: big, steel plating

In sharp contrast to the two stealth units is the metal behemoth known as the Brute.  Towering over the rest of the gang, the Brute is encased in steel plating and mounts a now defunct cannon on its shoulder which makes him appear far more terrifying than he actually is which is still pretty scary.

SAR-05ds aka Siryessir (47 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 4
Special rules: all terrain ability, SMG

Rounding out the actual combat units in the group is Siryessir, an old robotic drill sergeant who speaks loudly and packs a sub machine gun.  Subtlety never really was his thing.

Medibot z37 aka Ol' Doc Hack (41 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 4
Special rules: medical robot, savage

Ol' Doc Hack is a malfunctioning medical robot that now tries to end the same lives it used to save.  Equipped with a savage old amputation saw and medical injector, Doc Hack likes nothing better than laying waste to the soft squishy things in close combat.

DASU DB-88 aka Diisun (55 points)

Quality 3+, Combat 3
Special rules: civilian robot, leader

Surrounded by vicious combat robots, Diisun has been able to worm his way to the top by using his free form civilian programming to heap commands onto the military robots with their very rigid command structure.

At first glance this gang does look pretty over the top.  Two of them have stealth while another is not only big but also has armor plating.  This makes for a potent core of the group which is why I really tried to add in some weak links to the chain.  Only half of the robots have ranged weapons and their leader has no real weapons and has the lowest Combat score of the bunch.  Is this enough to balance them out?  Only time and another battle report will tell.  Until next time...

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Mik said...

I love this gang and only recognize about half the models. I also love M&DRG but having randomized gangs is a bit irksome. In the end I would say the points will balance it all out, but it'd be nice if it were more on par with the Song Of... series.

"Diisun", heh, clever.