Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rats In Spaaace!!!

Next month Mantic Games will be releasing their new line of Veer-myn miniatures and I for one say its about time.  I mean who doesn't love the concept of the Skaven, the original rat men of the Warhammer world?  Sure putting them in 40k could be seen as going too far with the crossover between the two worlds but I still think it would sell like hot cakes.

Nightmare close assault troops

As for the Mantic line, these are for their Warpath science fiction miniature game.  I'm not familiar with the game myself but you can bet I'll be getting some Veer-myn for myself.

Night Crawlers combat troops

The figures look good and they'll make a great addition to any post apocalyptic or sci fi game and since they are all made of plastic (except for their fearless leader the Night Spawn) the conversion possibilities should be endless.  Once I manage to get hold of some and paint them up I'll be sure to do a review on them.  Until next time...

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