Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Mutant Menace Of Professor Medel

With 00101001 ready to roll, I've been frantically painting to get some of my other crews ready to go!  Well, frantic might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.  Anyway, with the man made mechanical menace done I've decided its time to make some man made biological menaces as well so without further ado its time to turn our gaze to the horrific "pets" of Professor Medel.

XP-002a aka flitter wings (38 points each)

Quality 4+, Combat 3
Special rules: flying, stealth

The flitter wings were one of Professor Medel's first creations.  Flying along on silent wings, flitters will swoop down and bite at their prey before rising up into the air and out of reach again.

XP-005c aka Muffin (40 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 3
Special rules: long move, sprint, superior senses

Muffin is enhanced canine mutant that is the size of a man and boasts a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.  In addition to its already impressive move, Muffin can also let loose with a massive burst of speed to close with the enemy even faster than normal.

XP-013b, c, and d aka Boffo, Pickles (28 points each), and George (31 points)

Quality 4+, Combat 3
Special rules: +2 on climb rolls (all), big (George), savage (all)

Boffo, Pickles, and George are Professor Medel's constant companions and protectors.  George is the oldest and most powerful of the three but that doesn't make Boffo and Pickles any less dangerous.

Professor Johannus Medel (50 points)

Quality 3+, Combat 2
Special rules: genetic booster drug, leader, pistol 

Leader of this collection of home bred mutants is the infamous Professor Medel.  Known throughout the wastes for his gruesome experiments on man and beast alike, he usually avoids settlements but lone travelers are often easy prey for him and his... pets.

While I was worried that 00101001 might be a little over the top, I'm actually concerned that Professor Medel and his pets might be a little weak.   With their lack of ranged attacks and a Combat of 3 throughout most of the group I'm just not sure how well they will hold out, but even so I think they are going to be as fun to play as they were to paint.  The next step is to get the two groups to the table and slug it out but more on that later.  Until next time...

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