Thursday, September 1, 2011

But Only The Strong Shall Prevail

Now that we have the Purist party it is time to create someone for them to cleanse.  While the previous party was all based around one faction, this party is going to be a mishmash group of survivors who have banded together for mutual protection.

The nominal leader of this motley little group is Mordac the mind manipulator.

Mordac (re-based Star Wars CMG mini)

Mordac is a human mutant with telepathy and light projection, and is equipped with a force field.  With this telepathy to potentially stun targets while he blasts others with his light projection, Mordac is actually a pretty potent all-round fighter.

Next in the group is Darius.

Darius (Dark Age Forsaken Weaponsmith mini)

Darius is a pure human who used to be a member of the Ranks of the Pure until he realized the true evil they were willing to perform in pursuit of their goals.  Equipped with a flamethrower and trained as a gunsmith, he provides the human technical support for the group.

Next is the maintenance robot KROM-89.

KROM-89 (Mongoose Publishing Paranoia RPG mini)

A useless husk when they first found him, KROM has become a pet project for Darius.  So far Darius has been able to reactivate this old robot and trained it to assist him with maintenance.  Just like Darius, KROM also is trained as a gunsmith and has a pistol built into its arm.  Between him and Darius this will let the Survivors ignore the first two malfunctions with their ranged weapons which could come in handy.

Jorchak the reptilian bounty hunter is next.

Jorchak (re-based Star Wars CMG mini)

Jorchak is a mutant human who is trained as a sharpshooter and equipped with both an assault rifle and flak jacket.  His scaly skin also makes him more durable than your typical human as represented by the tough mutation.  This combination makes him one of the most potent in the party as he can not only dish out a lot of damage, he can take quite a bit as well.

Last but not least is El-lea .

El-lea (Rackham Confrontation mini)

El-lea is also a mutant human but her specialty is close combat.  In addition to her massive sword, she is skilled as a hand to hand specialist and her mutations let her move faster than normal and also exude a pheromone that intoxicates those who get too close to her.

In their explorations this group has also managed to scrounge together nine food points and six energy cells that are shared amongst them all and rounds them out at 284 points for the warband.  This won't hold them for long but its definitely better than nothing.

Unlike the Purist group, this ragged little band has a little bit of everything but definitely has an emphasis on ranged combat.  This will make them a potent adversary for the Purists at least until they are able to get into close combat.  When that happens we'll just have to see how things play out, starting of course with a battle between the two groups...  but that we'll get into that next time.  Until then...

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