Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seeking Shelter In The Wastes

In the last MDRG battle report, the Enforcer Leader Gabriel was able to grab the artifact and left the Survivor's camp with Rebecca in tow.  The rest of the Purists did not fare so well, including the vaunted Saint Mark who was cut down by Darius, a former member of the Purists.

As the two of them traveled across the wastes, they stopped at a nearby settlement where they meet up with a couple of Enforcers that were scouting the area.  Realizing that they are seriously lacking in their ranged capability, Gabriel also enlisted the service of two human mercenaries; one who calls herself Kali and carries a massive chain gun (mechanically its an assault rifle though I don't think that even begins to cover it...) and the other is Celina.  Having left the settlement earlier in the day, the group decided to take shelter in some ruins for the night.  Little did they realize just how little shelter that had actually found...

For this scenario, the board is laid out as you can see below.

The Purists are taking refuge inside one of the ruins in the center of the board while the rippler bugs are coming on from the two long edges of the board.  I also decided to use the twilight rules from Fear and Faith just to add a little something different into the mix.

The ripplers with the first turn as they are surprising the Purists.

The two from the southern side of the board swept forward to engage the Purists while the two bugs on the northern side remained at a distance, watching their new found prey.

On the Purists turn, Kali attempted to disengage from the rippler that is next to her but she slipped on some rubble in the ruin and fell to the ground where the rippler was able to make short work of her.  Rebecca and Gabriel both charge forward seeking retribution and together they are able to dispatch the flying insect.  Meanwhile Lucius moved out of the ruin towards one of the bugs still hovering in the distance and Sarah is able to stun the bug that is threatening her.

For their second turn the two ripplers from the north both swept in, one attacking Lucius while the other attacked Celina.  Both of the humans were driven back by the giant insects but neither one was wounded.  The other rippler was able to stagger to its feet and eyed Sarah warily.

Celina opened fire on one of the ripplers but the bullets bounced harmlessly off its thick chitinous shell.  Lucius moved back into the ruin to try to block either of the bugs from charging Celina as she prepared to take another shot.  The rest of the Purists held their positions as the last few rays of sunlight disappeared and night started to settle in.

After watching the bugs skitter about for a minute (yep, two failures on the first activation for the bugs!) the Purists decided to launch themselves against these abominations.

Rebecca and Gabriel both let loose their battle cries and charged the lone bug to the south.  Still its thick shell proved too strong but they were able to stun it and drive it to the ground again.

The two bugs to the north dashed forward to engage Lucius but he was easily able to hold off their blows.  Meanwhile, the other bug again clambered to its feet and tried to decide which of its opponents was the biggest threat.

Sarah attempted to swipe at the bug and had to dance backward from its slashing claws.  This left it open for Rebecca to return the favor as she tried to pierce its shell.  Lucius was also able to force back one of the two ripplers facing him which Celina then tried to shoot but again to no avail.

Trying to single out their prey (and because I forgot that one of the bugs was actually locked in combat with Lucius...  ah the joy of oversize bases...) two of the ripplers pounced on Sarah but she was able to easily avoid their blows for now.

As the rest of the Purists gathered round to keep one of the insects distracted, Gabriel was able to leap onto one of the ruined walls and bring down a fatal blow on the insect!

With their opponents distracted, the two remaining ripplers pounced on the humans.  Sarah was able to drive one of them back but the other swooped in behind Gabriel and knocked him down off the wall!

Enraged by the giant bug, Gabriel leaped to his feet and smashed the bug that had knocked him down.  With only one bug left, the rest of the group surged forward at least keep it pinned down.

The rippler lashed out and was able to knock Rebecca to the ground but Sarah was able to rush to her aid and destroyed the last bug with one mighty blow.  With their ambushers destroyed the Purists returned to their camp and passed the rest of the night uneventfully.  At least until next time...

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