Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Battle For The Future Begins Now

With my Purist and Survivor warbands made up it was time to get them to the table!  The question is what kind of a battle should I have them fight....  The rule book for Mutants and Death Ray Guns (or MDRG for short) comes with suggestions for six different scenarios for campaign play.  While I like the look of all these scenarios I decided to just make up my own after looking over my terrain.  For this scenario, the Ranks of the Pure are raiding the Survivors base camp.

While scrounging through a nearby ruin, the Survivors uncovered some bits of Ancient technology.  They haven't been able to figure out exactly what they do but they are keeping the for now until Darius and KROM-89 can figure them out.  Meanwhile the Purists have heard about this discovery and Saint Mark has some suspicions about what they might be.  Knowing that such artifacts should not be left to the mutant scum that roam the wastes, he quickly gathers a small group and launches a lightning quick raid so they can "liberate" the artifacts.

The camp consists of a couple of shanty style buildings (think random bits of steel and wood attached to posts), a couple of scrap piles, a couple of small woods, and a couple of old craters.  To keep things simple all of these terrain pieces count as rough terrain while the woods use the normal rules from the book.  The shanties are handled a little differently though.  They are treated as woods as far as models shooting out of them but unlike normal woods these models can be shot at though they do have cover.  For movement purposes they are treated as rough terrain but models can freely move through the walls as they are too flimsy to slow anyone down much.

Next the Survivors are placed inside their buildings and then three markers are placed in the shanties to represent the artifacts the Purists are looking for.  These are represented by the neon green flags on the board.  These represent the possible places the artifact are located.  To actually find it a Purist must spend an action to search.  If all three markers are on the board it is the right one on a one in three, if there are two markers then it is on a one in two, and obviously if only one is left it must be the one.

For their first turn, the Purists charge forward.  Saint Mark charges into the shanty and opens fire on Mordac.  Catching the mutant completely by surprise, the Saint is able to quickly burn him down with his laser gun.  Acolyte Rebecca swings around the southern end of the shanty to explore one of markers while Enforcer Jacob smashes through the wall to search the other marker.  Finally, Enforcer Delilah charges forward to engage Jorchak.

The Survivors are stunned by this sudden attack and are momentarily stunned, missing any opportunity to act (ah, the joys of failing on the first activation...).

The Purists continue to press their advantage as Saint Mark and Delilah are able to force Jorchak to the ground.  Jacob tore through the pile of junk and couldn't find the artifact so he headed off toward the other shanty along with Gabriel.  Meanwhile, Rebecca moved up to the pile she was supposed to search and apparently saw something she didn't like the look of as she just stopped and stared.

Darius and KROM-89 both manage to finally shake off the shock of the attack and move themselves into position to attack the Purist intruders.

Darius doesn't have the range with his flamethrower but KROM opens fire with his pistol, driving Jacob back into the other shanty in search of cover.

The Purists opened turn three with Enforcer Delilah slaying Jorchak while Rebecca finally dug through her pile of junk only to find... nothing.

With only one possible spot left, the rest of the Purists quickly turn their attention to the remaining shanty and the Survivors therein.

With the Purists rushing their position, Darius and KROM opened fire on Saint Mark and are able to drive him to the ground while El-lea bursts through the wall of the shanty to engage Enforcer Jacob.

Enraged by the insolence of the mutant scum, Saint Mark rises up and opens fire on Darius.  Only by a stroke of sheer luck was Darius able to dive back into the relative safety of the shanty and avoid being burned down like Mordac.  Delilah and Rebecca both rush forward to help their Saint while Jacob and Gabriel are both overcome by El-lea alluring pheromones and are unable to do anything.

Knowing that Saint Mark will stop at nothing short of slaughtering them all, Darius moves forward and lets loose a blast of fire from his flamethrower.  Again his luck holds out and Saint Mark drops to the ground dead.  Meanwhile El-lea tries to take advantage of the confused state of Enforcer Jacob but he is able to shake it off long enough to block the killing blow.

Jacob again succumbs to El-lea's allure but Gabriel is able to shake off the effect.  Running forward, he grabs the artifact and makes a break for it.  Rebecca stalks forward toward Darius and KROM while Delilah charges El-lea and forces her back.

Confused by Gabriel running away from the battlefield, the Survivors were again stunned into inactivity.

Jacob is able to shake off El-lea's allure long enough to rush forward to attack her but only manages to drive her further back into the shanty.  Meanwhile the rest of the warband begins falling back to meet up with Gabriel.

Realizing what the Purists were after, the Survivors quickly recover and lash back out at the Purists.  KROM tries to shoot at Rebecca but isn't able to get a clear shot off.  Darius decides to take the bull by the horns and runs forward to blast Delilah with his flamethrower, burning her down on the spot.  Finally, El-lea moves forward to lock Jacob in combat again.

This renewed ferocity catches the Purists by surprise and leaves them momentarily stunned.  (Yep, it was their turn to fail on the first roll.)

Trying to press home their advantage, KROM opens fire on Rebecca and strikes true but her force field cuts in and saves her.  El-lea continues to trade blows with Jacob while Darius tries to see where Gabriel went to with the artifact.

The Purists continue their retreat with both Rebecca and Gabriel managing to make it to safety.

Jacob is not so lucky as KROM and Darius both move in to help El-lea finish off the Enforcer.  Surrounded it was only a matter of time until he finally fell under El-lea rain of blows.  Even so, it is a hollow victory.  The Ranks of the Pure managed to escape with the artifact and two of their companions had been seriously injured in the raid.  The only thing left for the Survivors would be to exact their revenge.  Until next time...


magehammer said...

Excellent bat rep! I love your narrative style.

The skull and crossbones die is cool!

And your use of those Litko(?) markers as force fields and what not is inspired. I will be incorporating something similar into my games. Thanks for sharing!

Sin City Snowman said...

Thanks magehammer! I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for the markers, they are actually some 40k markers that I had floating around. Glad those I managed to finally get some use of them! :)