Monday, September 7, 2015

Rebuilding The Gaming Table One Piece At A Time

When we moved across country, some of the things that I had to get rid of were my gaming boards.  Thankfully I was able to condense my terrain into two totes but I just didn't expect the boards to survive the trip intact so into the trash they went.  After all, I could make some new ones soon enough right?


Between time, money, and space, rebuilding my boards has been way down on my list of priorities.  Unfortunately this means that mini gaming has fallen way down on my list of priorities as well, which means that painting has fallen down there as well, and so on and so forth.

Ah yes, that lovely snowball effect.

Thankfully I am finally able to take steps to remedy this situation.  I was recently at our local Home Depot and noticed that they were selling 2' x 2' pieces of particle board for a whooping two dollars a piece. I immediately snatched one up and started brainstorming.

A while back I had picked up some pieces of cloth planning to make a cloth battle mat.  Unfortunately that still left the issue of having a surface to put the mat on.  Our dining room table is still in storage so the cloth has just been laying around collecting dust. Having found these small pieces of particle board, I think this will be my best option to be resurrect my gaming table again.  I'm also going to make it two sided with space on one side and grass on the other.  This will give me a surface for both Song of Blades/In Her Majesty's Name/etc. and X-Wing/any other space game I decided to play.

Now all I have to do is get some adhesive to glue the fabric onto the wood and it will finally be time to break out my minis again!  Until next time...

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