Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audio Noise: The Podcast With A Million Names

Hello everyone and welcome to a multitudinous myriad of mis-communications here at the Dispatch!

For this edition of Audio Noise, we are going down south to Santa Cruz to check out the podcast that almost had a new name every single episode. Who am I talking about? Why none other than...

Minions of the Monster Master

Focus: Actual play sessions with a little bit extra thrown into the beginning as they go Around the Horn.
Audio Quality: four out of five minions
Content Quality: five out of five minions
Average Length: About four hours
They might call themselves explicit but compared to some their not too bad.

Minions of the Monster Master is are relatively new podcast, having dropped their first episode back on Halloween of 2009. Most of each episode is devoted to actual play sessions but they usually also go around the horn and everyone talks about anything geeky they've done since the last episode. The group has a great chemistry and are a lot of fun to listen to. Even though the show features as many as seven different people in some episodes and they have music playing in the background, these guys do a great job keeping the audio clear and easy to listen to. The only downside that I've encountered was a problem with their download feed, namely that it used to literally take hours to download each show. They have managed to speed it up quite a bit but when you're dealing with four hours episodes, you still need to expect it to take a bit. Whether they're beating off thieves in Mouse Guard or gunning down heretics in Dark Heresy, Minions of the Monster Master is a lot of fun to listen to and I definitely recommend giving them a try.

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