Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Hey everyone and welcome back for more Dispatch goodness!

So what's been going on in the world of the Snowman? More Malifaux goodness! I finally got my copy of the rules and so far I'm really liking the look of them. Using the card mechanic instead of a dice mechanic is definitely an interesting twist but I like the look of it so I'm definitely going to be giving this game a try. And there is the added plus that the miniatures are not half bad looking either! In fact the more I look at the book, the more I'm liking just about all of the figures. Of course this would make picking which one crew to start with a little difficult if it wasn't for something I read on the Wyrd forums. What was it? Well, you'll have to come back to find that out but for now let's take a look at how the construction is coming along.

Welcome to the Roaming Monkey
Malifaux Terrain Project

Having worked on my "practice" building. generic western building #1, I decided to jump in the deep end by building one of the essential locations for any wild west town; a saloon. Nothing too grand as Torments Reach is supposed to be more of a frontier town, but still more ambitious than my previous building.

Keeping in mind what I learned before, I started this building by planning out the footprint of the saloon. This was all cut out in one piece and includes the main building, two small additions, and also the boardwalk in the front and the back stoop. These last two don't need to be too large as I don't want the foam core showing when you look at the building, but enough to give them a strong foundation.

Once this was done, it was time to start cutting out the walls with their windows and doors, detailing them and the floor with planks, and finally gluing it all together. Unfortunately I did not take step by step pictures but here is a look at the finished project (minus the roof) prior to painting.

Not a bad looking building in my opinion, but this was definitely a time intensive project since I had to cut all of the wooden planks before I glued them on. Just a little crazy? Perhaps, but I really like the end result so it was worth it.

So what's next for Torments Reach? I'm thinking some more general purpose buildings like a dry goods store and grocery store, not to mention a couple of houses for people to live in. You won't find anything too grand in Torments Reach but it will have the essentials. More on that later.

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