Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Like Dumpster Diving For A Fantasy Apartment!

While I was laying out my group's new 4e adventure I got to thinking about miniature terrain for dungeons.  There's actually a few different sources for this kind of thing out there but I think one of the companies with a better selection is actually Mega Miniatures USA.  Actually they have a good assortment of pretty much all the genres when it comes to furniture or even just odd figures.  Not the best sculpts in the world but if you're looking for a bunch of filler minis it looks like they'd do in a pinch.

So there was a place to order them from but I was lacking was funds.  Having already bought a bunch of minis for various monsters along with a Gale Force 9 battle mat for one of the encounters, it seemed like trying to explain buying a couple of miniature bookcases to my wife would be a bad idea.

Having resigned myself to furnishing the dungeon the old fashioned way (meaning drawing it in on the battle mat) I stumbled across a my old copy of Heroquest.  Published by Milton Bradley way back in 1990, this was actually a collaboration with Games Workshop of Warhammer fame.  Talk about just a bizarre combination, right?  Well, one of the great things about this game was the furniture that was included with it!  I cracked open the box to see what I could use only to be reminded that I actually had two sets of furniture, not just one!  Sweet!

The only downside is there are no beds in the mix so it looks like my goblins are going to have to break out the sleeping bags.  Ah well, suck it up boyos!  Roughing it builds character!  Until next time...

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