Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking A Closer Look At The Relics... Updated!

I mentioned about week ago that Soda Pop Miniatures had launched and successfully funded their Relic Knights Kickstarter after just one day but I had mentioned a couple of concerns that I had about it.  Namely game play after hearing about some serious issues in the original playtesting and complexity of the models.

Since then I had my friend watch a demo of the game that was run at GenCon 2011 (you can find the videos of that here...) and he said that the mechanics look much better now.  I also found on their forums that they're aware of how fiddly some the minis can be and they are addressing that as well, so this just keeps getting better and better!

Currently the Relic Knights Kickstarter stands just over $165,000 so in addition to the casino quality cards that I'd mentioned before, they are also going to include plastic tokens in the starters!  To draw a comparison, a Warmachine battlegroup contains a core to an army and comes with three to five models, depending on which faction you choose.  The Relic Knights starters come with five to seven models, plus the deck you need to play the game, plastic tokens, and a playmat (I'm assuming this is the dashboard which is basically used in game to show activation sequence...), all for the same price which sounds like a pretty good bargain to me.  Double that up to the $100 pledge and you can get two starters of your choice, a hardcover rulebook, and two special addition minis that are going to be playable in the game and you are looking at getting $75 worth of product for free!

Personally, I'm really excited that this Kickstarter is funded because this is a great way to get some really sweet miniatures for a bargain price.  Most of the Relic Knights run at least $50 by themselves so being able to get an entire crew for this price is just amazing so if you haven't taken a look, I'd definitely recommend checking them out!

Edit: I just found out about this gameplay introduction that was put together by Soda Pop to give you an overview of the how it plays.  Definitely worth checking out if you want more information!

That's it for now but there's more on the way, and I'm not just talking about more Kickstarter posts either!  After painting a slew of minis for our Dungeons and Dragons game, I decided to break some of them out for a good, old Song of Blades smackdown featuring a group of adventurers against a goblin warband!  Who won?  You'll just have to come back next week and find out!  Plus there are more battle reports coming soon, not to mention katana schoolgirls vs. zombie furries!  Yes, you did read that right but more on that soon!  Until next time...

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