Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And Now We Move... Into The Third Dimension!

The Quest For Minis For Our Pathfinder Game

After doing some exploring in the wide world of Leviathos, we started to realize that we were having a little trouble keeping track of just where everyone was during combat. Sure we could have just used some spare dice or something similar but we wanted to do it right. Off to the internet!

Our party consists of a dwarven monk, a gnome rogue, and a gnome summoner. Kind of a wacky mix but surprisingly enough it was pretty easy to find the minis we needed. If you head on over to the Reaper Miniatures homepage you can search by specific key words that let you really narrow it down to almost exactly what you are looking for.

Between the massive range of minis they produce and the ease of using the search engine on their site, I definitely recommend hitting Reaper Mini for your fantasy mini needs. In fact you might want to check them out for other genres as well since they recently added in the Chronoscope line of figures that expand their range even further. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!


Mik said...

The Figure Finder is sheer genius on Reaper's part, and now their Chronoscope range is just lovely.

Try the keyword "klockenbooty" sometime...

Sin City Snowman said...

Yeah, the Chronoscope range is great. Don't know of any other company that produces such a wide range of high quality figures like Reaper does.