Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bringing The Pain To A Planet Near You!

Spicing Up 3:16 Carnage Among The Stars

One of the games that we have waiting in the wings is 3:16 to be run by yours truly. For any of you who aren't familiar with the game, it's a sci-fi role playing game where all of the players are members of the with a simple mission; kill every alien they encounter. When you enter combat, you are supposed to use some kind of marker so that you know what range the players are from the enemy as it affects how many you can kill if any. The rules recommend using glass beads or something similar but I decided to dig up some old minis that I have instead.

These are some Space Rangers minis that I happened to find a few years ago at one of our local game stores. When they were originally released, they were sold in giant sets of 30 per box but nowadays they are a much more conservative 5 per box. Must admit that I wish I'd grabbed some of the big boxes back when I was in high school but just the five will work for me now. The mini with the sword and pistol is sergeant, the one with the big gun is the corporal, and the other two are just generic troopers. As you can probably tell, they are still a work in progress at this point but I'm not planning on going too heavy on the detail with these guys. They are effectively just fancy game pawns so all that really matters is that we can tell who is who for the game. Expect to see more on them once they are finished.

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