Friday, June 10, 2011

So What's The Deal With This Place Anyway?

Expanding On My Gamma World Setting

So here I've made up a bunch of new and borrowed critters to populate my wasteland setting (one of which I showed you last week), but what exactly is going on in this place? Helps to know that part too, doesn't it? Lets take a closer look at it to see just what's going on.

In the decades since the Big Mistake things have changed. Anarchy ruled for a while but in the end Humanity always tries to give things order so he can make sense of it all. Sure random chaos can be fun but in the end there is that part of the brain that demands structure and order be imposed on the world, preferably with that individual at the top of that structure. It doesn't end that way for most people but some of them have got the knack to make it happen.

Even after everything was blasted away it was these individuals that started beating back the chaos and imposing their order on the world, or at least this corner of it anyway. The years ground by and some semblance of civilization started to claw its way from the ashes. Whether they were benevolent leaders or ruthless dictators, most people were just glad to have some kind of order to cling to.

Through all this time, Desert Lands stood as an impenetrable barrier between the Texas Territory of Merica and the far west. A blazing inferno by day and a frozen waste by night, it long served as a natural defense for the various powers of Texas. Few have been mad enough to try to cross it and none have returned to tell the tale... until recently. One lone survivor of a small group that set out to find a path through the Desert Lands came stumbling back, raving about forgotten tombs of the Ancients and the treasures they contain. Of course no one believed a word he said but then he showed them what he'd brought back.

Within weeks, the strongest powers of the Texas Territory had set up the first of the border towns and groups of fortune hunters were being recruited and sent out into the wastes. Most of them were never seen again, but enough came back that word got around and more came to take the place of those who had been lost.

At the same time, the Kaiute tribes from the Okayhome Territory to the north began pressing down into Texas, ravaging any human settlements they encountered. The various human factions tried to unite and stop them but overcoming years of distrust can't be done in a day and for now all they can really do is hope to slow down the advances of the tribes.

Months have past since the survivor returned and almost a half dozen border towns now sit along the eastern edge of the Desert Lands. They send out a steady stream of explorers into the wastes seeking lost technology that the might help turn the tide and stop the Kaiute advances or at least line their own pockets for a while. Do the Desert Lands hold the key to turning back the tribes? Will the answer be found by these ragtag groups of mutant bastards before its too late? Only time will tell...

I still need to work out some of the details pertaining specifically to the characters (such as the border town they'll be operating out of, some of the places they'll explore, things like that...) but I'm really excited at how its pulling together so far.

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