Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Gotta Be Fate

If there's one thing that Vegas is famous for its just gotta be the incredible culinary diversity.  Just kidding, of course its the gambling!  From dice to tiles, there are a lot of different ways to risk your money but the most common tool used to determine whether you get to keep your money or not is with a simple deck of cards.  Ironically Malifaux handles things in a very similar way with their Fate deck but just how does their deck measure up?

I can't speak for the regular decks but I can say that the Puppet Wars deck measures up very well indeed.  Most online stores that I looked at before I bought these described them as being plastic but didn't elaborate any further.  Were literally sheets of sytrene that were made into cards or were they more like the casino quality cards that you find around town out here?  Oddly enough they actually seem to be a little bit of both.
The material has a slight texture to them that you commonly find in quality playing cards but they are sturdy enough to have a solid feel without being difficult to shuffle which of course is essential for playing cards.  The artwork is also top notch carrying on the Puppet Wars theme throughout.

Overall, I would definitely recommend picking up a deck if you are playing Malifaux but these are nice enough that you could just use them as a regular deck of cards as well.  Sure the suits are slightly non-traditional and the cards are numbered ace to thirteen but these are easy enough to work around if you wanted to break these out for something different on poker night.  Oh, and they also cost more than a traditional deck of cards but these are nice enough and look to be durable enough that I would recommend biting the bullet and picking some up anyway.  Until next time...


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