Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's In The Box Man?!? What's In The Box?!?

Holy chicken wings Batman!  Two posts in one day?!?  That's just crazy talk!  What could possibly be that important?  Read on to find out...

In case you haven't guessed I had a box arrive today.  Not in itself too interesting but the contents... now that's another story.

Deep inside this (comparatively) massive box were a whole two brushes.  Not any brushes mind you but two Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes.  Sweet!!!

So what's the big deal about this?  For years and years now (well maybe not that many years...) I've been using pretty cheap brushes.  Actually no, they're really cheap but its always been one of those things "Do I want to spend money on the miniatures or the brushes?  Bah, these old brushes are good enough... kind of.  Let's buy some more minis!!!"

Well, I finally decided that it was time to step it up a little (kind of like Everest is a little mountain...) and invested in some really good brushes.  I had first heard about these brushes a year or so ago from an artist who painted did some work for Privateer Press but when I went to the local art supply store found out that they needed to be special ordered so I decided to hold off for a while.  This time I cut to the chase and hit the Dick Blick website to order them and man am I glad I did.  With "sale prices everyday" I was able to pick up both of these brushes for a mere $27 instead of $59.  Esh... man that's a lot of minis...  Anyway they just arrived today and I'm hoping to break them out soon.  Of course it's my Monday so it might take some juggling (ah the joys of the Vegas week...) but as soon as I've had a chance to give them a try I'll be sure to share my impressions of them.  Until next time...

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