Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh No! Rocket Propelled Simians Hurtling Through The Sky!

In the Decoder Ring Theatre review a couple weeks back I mentioned that I was listening to another actual play podcast.  I never did elaborate further as I wanted to check out some more episodes before I said anything but now the verdict is in.  Watch out for high flying simians because...

Focus: Actual play
Audio Quality: Four and a half stolen jetpacks out of five
Content Quality: Five monkey screams out of five
Average Length: roughly two hours
Release Schedule: usually weekly but occasionally longer

Monkeys Took My Jetpack is one of the most enjoyable actual play podcasts that I've ever listened to.  Most AP sessions manage to flow up to the point that the dice come out but this group focuses on games with very elegant mechanics that let the story just coast along with barely a pause in the action.  Everyone in the group also does a wonderful job playing off of each other and really put an emphasis on the role playing aspect of the game.  And did I mention that they have sound effects?  All of this wrapped up together makes for a very enjoyable listen that I can't recommend highly enough.

The only downside that I've noticed is occasional problems with Skype that effect their audio quality but these are usually quickly resolved (or very well edited) so that they don't break up the pace of the game.  There is also about half an hour worth of feedback and batter leading into each episode but this is easy enough to get past if you just want to get to the game.  Either way I really do recommend check these guys out.  Until next time...

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