Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Just What Have I Been Doing Anyway?

As some of you might have noticed the updates have been a little erratic lately.  I said last week that I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off but now I figure its time for the show part of show and tell.

In addition to prepping my minis for Desert Wars, I also found out that I'd be running a Dungeons and Dragons 4e game which I wasn't quite ready for.  Sure, I was just going to run the adventure out of the Red Box edition of the game but it didn't feel quite right.  The whole minotaur temple buried underground with a giant chess board as part of it... nope, just not gonna work.

With that in mind, I did the only sensible thing; I re-wrote the entire adventure.  Quite literally in fact as I started typing the whole thing up in Word and drawing out the maps old school onto graph paper in addition to painting up miniatures for all of the creatures in the adventure, including the adventurers themselves.

Sometimes being a completest sucks.

Then again, sometimes it can be really rewarding as well.

So far, I have most of the miniatures painted for the game and most of the adventure re-written.  I still have some more work to do but I really am happy with how its turning out overall, especially since its also my daughter's introduction to gaming.

Some of you might be saying "You introduced her with 4e?  Really?" and the answer is quite simply yes.  The Essentials line greatly simplifies character creation and so far the mechanics have been pretty straightforward as well.  Add in her background as a board gamer and the mini driven slant of the game becomes a really good fit.

So far we've only had one session which mostly involved a very difficult combat that the party did a really good job handling but there was some role playing in there as well that everybody dove right into, the Munchkin included.  Unfortunately its going to be a couple of weeks until we can get it back to the table but in the meantime I've got an old copy of Toon waiting in the wings that I'm going to spring on her next week.  Nothing quite like going from one extreme to the other, but more on that later.  Until next time...

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