Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're Fighting Giant Bugs On Freaking Pluto, Man! We're All Insane!

With the Mobile Infantry ready to go its time to look at their opponents, the Bugs.  So just who are these critters that Humanity is bent on wiping off the face of the galaxy?  To quote Lieutenant Razak of the Roughnecks...

"Bugs can smell human blood a kilometer away, through skin, through suits, through steel. They feel no pain and have no emotions.  Their only desire is to kill you.  They are not life as we know it."

Now don't they just sound like charming neighbors?  Come on everyone, let's give it up for our buddies the Bugs!

To give you some idea just how big these guys are, the board that these bugs are set on is 2' by 3'.  The even more ridiculous thing is that these only represent slightly less than half of the bugs that I can field given some time.  As you can imagine, placement of units can start to be a problem with forces this massive but the bugs can also burrow underground so in a typical battle it might look a little more like this at the beginning.

In this picture, the tanker bug from the center and twenty of the warrior bugs are underground which is represented by leaving them off the board and moving special markers on the board.  I'll be honest, when I first heard about the SST game the underground movement aspect was one of the things that I really questioned whether they would be able to recreate easily but the game really handles it well.  The bugs also have special rules that let their units swarm together as they move across the battlefield which lets you really capture that cinematic wave of bugs charging towards their opponents.

In addition to these two races, Mongoose had already released a third known as the Skinnies and they had two or three more in the wings that they were developing.  Unfortunately none of these except for the Skinnies ever saw the light of day which is too bad as some of them sounded really interesting.  Ah well, at least I have my bugs.

And I think that is that as far as Desert Wars prep goes.  Now I have to finish getting ready for the long awaited 4e campaign that I've been wanting to run for my daughter but more on that later.  Until next time...

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