Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alright Guys, This Is The First Part Of The Plan...

So rather than my random meandering from one project to the next that I usually do with my hobby, I decided this year to get a plan!  Well, more of an overview but you get the idea, plus I'm thinking that maybe putting it up here in writing it might give me more of an impetus to actually start and even complete some of the projects I have in mind.  Even so I don't want to plan too far in advance since who knows what I'll be interested in later in the year so for now I'm going to organize it by quarters to give me more manageable chunks.  Now the question is... what's first?

1) British Colonials: This my first dive into historical gaming ever.  I have always steered clear of all the historical stuff but a friend of mine is running a number of Colonial games this year using the Sharps Practice rules from and I've decided to take the plunge.  Of course these will be pretty tongue in cheek but still it does have it roots in something historical so that counts, right?

These minis will also dovetail conveniently into the Victorian Sci-Fi games so that's two for one which is even better!  I'm not sure the exact number of minis that I'm looking at for this but I'm starting out with a set of twenty five from the Wargames Factory line of plastics so I'll be doing a review of those soon.  On top of this, I am actually playing in the first of these games tonight entitled the Big Hunt!  This is an annual game that my friend Jason runs but you never know quite what you're going to run into.  One year there were dinosaurs, another Predators... just all depends what minis he grabs so it will definitely be interesting!

As for expanding my force beyond the first box, I've had some suggestions but I want to get my head around the Sharps rules before I commit to anything.  Once I've done that I want to round out the force and finish them up in the first quarter so I have my army done for the year.  Kind of ambitious since it means I'm looking at possibly painting between 50 to 100 minis just in the first three months of the year but I think with a definite direction in mind it won't be quite as daunting as it sounds.

2) Space 1889 aerial gunship: For those of you who don't know, Space 1889 is the Victorian Sci-fi setting I mentioned above.  In this alternate history humanity has sailed into space and established colonies on Mars.  I don't know much else about it beyond what I've seen but it looks really cool.  One of the things that particularly caught my eye are the aerial vessels that are featured in the setting.  The Martians use vessels that are reminiscent of traditional sailing vessels (except for the fact that they are flying through the air of course) while the British vessels remind me of flying ironclads.  Since I'm already working on my Colonial Brits it just seems right to try to put together an aerial gunship or two to accompany them.  This is the first time that I've tried to build something like this so I have no idea how it will turn out but it seems like it'll be an interesting challenge so we'll have to see what I can cobble together.

3) Malifaux Guild: So far I've painted about half of the Guild minis that I've bought so finishing off the rest of them shouldn't be too difficult.  This might start to run a little long if I pick up some more minis but as it stands right now I'm pretty happy with what I have for the game so getting the last of them painted in the first quarter shouldn't be too difficult.

4) Bones: Last but not least my massive selection of Reaper Bones Miniatures should be coming by the end of the first quarter.  I should be able to start working on them but I'm not going to commit to anything specific.  Given the massive number and selection of figures in the Vampire pledge level I kind of figure I'll be using these to break up other projects throughout the year.

On top of this I also want to get in more gaming in general which should be a lot easier to do now that I have more time available during my work week.  Nothing particular in mind at this point other than spending some quality time with the family which is the best reason in the world in my book.

And that about rounds it out for now!  Until next time...


MIK said...

You should create a HUD and put these on it, all the cool kids are doing it these days.

Looks like solid projects one and all, and sounds like fun. I haven't been a big Victorian sci-fi fan, maybe you'll change my mind. Here's to 2013!

Pete Lowther said...

A HUD doesn't sound like a bad idea actually. I'll have to whip one up on my "weekend" (aka Tuesday/Wednesday for you normal folks...).

As for the Victorian sci-fi stuff, I've always liked the look of the various cloudships and such from Space 1889 but I've never delved into it. With one of the local groups focusing on Colonials it just seemed to fit... as long as they find some different rules. More on that soon though.