Thursday, January 10, 2013

Miniature Review: Hold The Line My Good Fellows!

The first project that I listed for this quarter was putting together and painting my British Colonials and that one is already underway!  So far a massive five troops have been painted up, including the leader of my troops, Sir Reginald Wadsworth Smythe the III (told ya they'd be pretty tongue in cheek...).

His Lordship Sir Reginald Wadsworth Smythe the Third and his band of jolly good chaps!

All in all, I really happy with how these figures turned out.  In fact my wife has even said that these are some of the best that she's seen me paint which is quite the compliment considering how much trouble flesh tones usually give me.  I did some minor modifications to the three figures in the center by adding a blanket roll across their chests (plus the custom elephant gun of course...) but other than that these figures are just as they come out of the box from Wargames Factory Miniatures.

It should be noted that this is an old image; the current sets hold 25 miniatures, not 20.

 For those of you that might not have heard of them, they make a number of historical lines along with a few sci-fi and modern sets as well.  With most of the sets running a mere $20 a box the real question is can you get quality figures for less than a dollar a piece?  At least in the case of the British Colonials I think you can.

The box comes with a total of five sprues each with five bodies on them.  There is not a lot variation as far as the poses go but I think there's enough so they won't look too cookie cutter by the time I'm done.  They also have seperate arms and heads to give you a little more wiggle room which is always helpful.

The one place that these figures a little weak is on the details but even then its not a deal breaker.  When I first started painting my figures I was concerned that some of them would not be crisp enough to really pick out but for the most part I was pleasantly surprised.  This set also comes with no bases so be prepared to either go the washer base route like I did with these or pick up some of the bases that Wargames Factory sells from their online store (at a pretty good price I might add!).

Overall these are some figures that I'd definitely recommend checking out if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to give you a core to an army of this era or just fill out the ranks.  Unfortunately they only make this set so if you want any cavalry or artillery pieces you'll need to look elsewhere but these will definitely give you a solid starting point.

That's about it for now but be sure to come back as we take a look at the annual Big Hunt!  Was it as epic as I'd thought it would be?  You'll have to come back to find out!  Until next time...

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