Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snowman's 2012 Year In Review!

Another year has come to a close and its time for the year in review!  Which games where the big hits in Snowman's Land this year?  Just how out of control was my miniature spending this year?  Read on to find out!

The Wee People Were Rampant!
Total miniatures bought: 128
Total miniatures painted: 80
Terrain built: 3 pieces

Compared to last year, 2012 was a banner year for miniatures here in Snowman's Land.  I more than doubled the number of miniatures that I bought and painted last year though surprisingly enough it wasn't due to miniature gaming.  A vast majority of it was actually for role playing as I pounded out a good number of figures for our Dungeons and Dragons game.  Since this was the Munchkin's first game I really wanted to make the most of the visual aspect of it which really kept me busy as I churned out all the players and most of the monsters for the adventure as well.

It also has to be said that the total bought does not include the minis for either the Bones Kickstarter or the Relic Knights Kickstarter.  I did pay for them this year but I've only been recording them once I actually receive them which means I'm already looking at 300+ minis bought for 2013 once those both come in.  Then I just have to paint them all...

But Where Did All The Games Go?
Total games played in 2012: 77

In stark contrast to the miniatures front, this was definitely not the year of gaming that I'd hoped it would be.  Coming in with a whooping 54 fewer games than last year which leads to the question "What happened?"

Unfortunately we were without a car for most of this year and while we live in a major metropolitan area its not one with a solid public transportation system meaning lots of time spent on the bus.  Or walking to the bus.  Or waiting for the bus.  You get the idea.  Thankfully that has changed now so 2013 will be very different but what about the games that actually got to the table in 2012.

Leading the way with seven plays was the Pokémon CCG which isn't too surprising.  The Munchkin really enjoys playing this one and its usually good for a quick game as well which made it perfect.  We still need to get some more decks so we can mix things up more but I think that is a common thought with all CCGs.

Next up is the Summoner Wars with six plays.  The Munchkin and I really dove into this one when we first got it and even though its been a while since we got it to the table I'm looking forward to getting in some more games of this soon.

Coming in with five games each there was a tie between Carcassonne and Dungeons and Dragons 4e.  Carcasonne has always been a favorite for us and now that the Munchkin plays as well it has even more appeal.  The same can actually be said for D&D 4e since she's playing in that as well!  Unfortunately that one is on hold right now as Spacer and Dreamer haven't been available but we're about to wrap up our first adventure so I'm really hoping to get it back to the table once we get past the holidays.

Next we go from a two way tie to a three way tie between Galaxy Trucker, Hey That's My Fish, Perfect Stride all with four plays each.  Yes we finally got Galaxy Trucker to the table and man was it fun!  I think every game ended with our freighters just barely limping into the destination.  Heck, I think that one of the games ended with at least one of us just coasting in!  If it hadn't been for limited free time I think that both Hey That's My Fish and Perfect Stride would both have more plays as these are two really fun games which I'll try to get some reviews of up soon.

And fifth place... well, fifth place is a massive traffic jam of gaming with Babylon 5 A Call To Arms, Chateau Roquefort, Chez Cthulhu, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, Crazy Old Fish War, Forbidden Island, Gulo Gulo, Heroica: Draida Bay, Pathfinder, Red Dragon Inn 3, Sitting Ducks Gallery, Sorry Sliders, Super Dungeon Explore, Ticket To Ride, and Unspeakable Words all coming in with a mere two plays each.  Kind of disappointing to be honest as these are all good games but again time just wasn't on my side this past year.

Thankfully we now have our own transportation again so I'm really hoping to get the family around the table much more this year.  Beyond the fun factor there is the family time which I'm really looking forward to having more of.  I also want to really expand our board game catalog as well since there are a number of great games out there that I'd love to try out... but more on that soon.  Until next time...

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