Saturday, February 23, 2013

Huzzah! Rally Round The Flag Lads!

My Colonial Brits are quickly taking shape after a couple of slight missteps though I had my worries for a bit there.  The first box of minis came through without issue but since then things got slightly more interesting.  I ordered the second boxed set to flesh out my ranks to the 42 that I need but when I received my order what did I find?  Zulu warriors!
The particular set of miniatures that I'm using are the Wargames Factory Wars of Empire Zulu War British Line Infantry so I could understand the confusion that resulted in me receiving the Zulu warriors.  After some more miscommunication trying to get it cleared up, I placed another order for the British Line Infantry and they were quickly deployed... except they were the original packaging of only 20 miniatures instead of 25.  Thankfully I still have enough to field my full platoon but its still been something of a comedy of errors.
The last piece of the puzzle is a Crusader Light Tractor from the Quar miniature line by Zombiesmith.  If you haven't seen these, I definitely recommend checking them out as there's nothing else quite like them out there.  Unfortunately I placed the order almost two weeks ago and hadn't heard anything until today.  It should be in the mail on Monday and then my Brits will be complete!  Well, except for actually assembling and painting them but getting them here is half the battle, right?  I have a few of them painted up but I want to finish some more off before I post any pics which should be next week provided I can actually stay awake on my nights off.  Just need to learn to sleep paint and I'll be all set.  Until next time...

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